ACoS: Mashiara

Nynaeve POV#

She is on a boat on her way to the Windrunner for another meeting with the Mistress of the Ships, Nesta din Reas Two Moons. Elayne talked her into going. Aviendha is still watching Carridin. Nynaeve is wearing an exquisite necklace - a gift from Tylin for bringing Mat! Suddenly she is underwater, trapped in her cabin and drowning. She tries to break out but finally surrenders completely which breaks her block allowing her to channel. She bursts out of the cabin and Lan rescues her. When she Heals him she detects something odd. He got directions to her from the Tarasin Palace. She feels as forward as Calle Coplin. He tells her Myrelle has his bond and that he is going to die. She plans to marry him no matter what. She realizes that it was Moghedien who attacked her. He wants to go back to the palace but she insists on going on to the Sea Folk. She will negotiate and they will get married.

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Elayne POV#

Elayne arrives at the Kin house with Merilille, Vandene, Adeleas, Sareitha, Careane and Birgitte. The maid, Cedora, takes them to Reanne where she and the twelve Elders are meeting. Only one looks Altaran, seven wear red belts.[1] All can channel. A yellow haired woman with a red belt faints.[2] Ivara who is a goldsmith, a Saldaean woman with a red belt[3] and Sumeko with a very long red belt are among the twelve. Reanne claims there are only a few of them but Elayne cites Garenia, Berowin, Derys and Alise as well. Reanne finally acknowledges her as Aes Sedai. Elayne tells them the Kin can join the White Tower. There are 1783 of the Kin, nearly twice as many as there are Aes Sedai! Reanne agrees to take them to the Bowl. Mat arrives. He already knew they were here because of all the Warder across the street.[4] He found the six story building, too. Reanne is 411 years old!

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The seven Wise Women are Famelle, Ieine, Janira, Melore, Sibella, Sumeko and Tamarla. (ACoS,Ch38) The other five are Chilares, Dimana, Eldase, Ivara and Kirstian. (TPoD,Ch1, TPoD,Ch2)
[#2] By her description she is probably Sibella. (TPoD,Ch1)
[#3] This is Janira. (ACoS,Ch38)
[#4] They would be Jaem, Ned Yarman, Cieryl Arjuna, Tavan and Venr Kosaan.

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