TPoD: Questions and an Oath

Sevanna POV#

Sevanna and Shaido Wise Ones Rhiale, Someryn, Meira, Tion, Alarys and Modarra question and kill a Seanchan soldier. Putting prisoners to the question is usually done by Maidens or Black Eyes. They have been in Ghealdan ten days. The Wise Ones are increasingly unhappy with Sevanna and make a stand against her. Her grip on them because of Desaine is weakening. She admits that Caddar betrayed them, but she took all the Shaido channelers with her and the Jumai. Efalin waits outside with the Maidens who captured the soldier. They go back to the manor house they have taken over. They have made the owner and all the residents gai'shain. They have about four thousand algai'd'siswai, two-thirds Mera'din and over three hundred Wise Ones with them. One of the Mera'din, Kinhuin, approaches and asks them to arbitrate a dispute about sharing spoils with the Jumai. Sevanna sends the six Wise Ones with Kinhuin and heads in a different direction. She has Caddar's binder and she thinks to herself that she will eventually use it on Rand.

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Galina Casban POV#

Galina Casban, shielded by Belinde and guarded by Maidens, is in a leather bag over a fire and covered with burning powder. She is being punished for slapping Belinde. Sevanna arrives. She asks Galina to swear obedience to her and shows her the binder. Galina notes that it looks exactly like the Oath Rod except that it has numerals one hundred eleven where the Oath Rod has a numeral three. Galina regards it as she would a hooded viper from the Drowned Lands.[1]

Therava suddenly appears leading a dozen Wise Ones including Emerys, Modarra, Norlea, Rhiale, Someryn and Tion. The Maidens all leave. Therava challenges Sevanna. The Wise Ones have been meeting without her. They have Galina swear obedience on the binder to all the Wise Ones and to Sevanna and Therava first among them. She feels the oath settle on her and her skin tighten just as with the Oath Rod.[2] Therava keeps the binder. Galina will now be gai'shain. If Sevanna speaks as clan chief then she should have a Wise One as advisor. Therava takes that role and recommends that they move away from the Seanchan, north to the Mountains of Mist. Sevanna agrees to move, but east. It begins to snow.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This thought seems to imply that Galina hails from Mayene or thereabouts.
[#2] The skin tightening that causes the Aes Sedai ageless look.

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