TFoH: The Price of a Ship

Nynaeve POV#

Nynaeve has been waiting for that boat and performing in Valan Luca's circus for three days. She has had strange dreams of Egwene. Clarine has made her a brilliant blue dress to go with the red. She often quarrels with Elayne. Elayne mentioned that she dreamed of Egwene, too, and they compare notes. In their dreams, Egwene told them that Rand won a great victory at Cairhien yesterday and that Sammael attacked him. She recognized the Dragon Scepter as Seanchan work. They both worry about visiting Tel'aran'rhiod with Moghedien still around. Nynaeve will go to the Heart of the Stone tonight to see if Egwene is there, then come right back.

Birgitte enters. Nynaeve snipes at her, comparing her to Calle Coplin. Birgitte then tells Nynaeve about Mathera who fell head over heels over Zheres, the first man to kiss her. Elayne breaks it up citing a Lini saying about being catty. Birgitte tells them that Thom and Juilin are back from Samara. Neither of the girls knew they left.

They all go outside. The performers including Cerandin, Petra, Clarine, Brugh Chavana and Taeric Chavana are doing their morning chores. There is a new acrobat act, the six Murasaka sisters that Luca hired away from Sillia Cerano. Two of them are Andaya Murasaka and Kuan Murasaka. They find Thom and Juilin a bit battered. The men report that there are riots in Samara. Birgitte notes that there is smoke coming from the town.

Uno arrives with news that there is a riverboat at Samara, but the Dragonsworn are fighting Whitecloaks and are invading Amadicia. Apparently the Whitecloaks and Masema's forces fighting over the boat precipitated it all. Birgitte tries to flatter Uno reminding him of the valor of the Borderlands at Enkara and Soralle Step.[1]

Galad then arrives. Whitecloaks currently hold the boat and Galad has paid their passage. Valan Luca arrives and tells the performers to break camp immediately. Chin Akima has already been beheaded and Sillia Cerano flogged. He then takes Nynaeve aside and tells her that he wants her to marry him. She declines, thinking of Lan. He says he will find her again and next time she will choose him.[2]

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Elayne POV#

Elayne and Birgitte find Cerandin tending her s'redit. Elayne tells her they are leaving and asks her to come with them. Cerandin declines saying the boat cannot take Mer, Sanit and Nerin and she will not leave them behind. She says s'redit are better in battle than lopar or grolm. Elayne tells Cerandin who she really is, but Cerandin does not believe her. She suggests that Elayne might become an asa or concubine. Birgitte does not believe her either.[3] Furious, Elayne stalks away.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] At least these references are from the current Age. The names are not mentioned elsewhere.
[#2] But the next time we see Valan Luca he is married! (WH,Ch15)
[#3] Early printings had Birgitte referring to Elayne as Daughter-Heir of Andor in TFoH,Ch36. This contradicted the passage above and was corrected in more recent printings.

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