TFoH: A New Name

Elayne POV#

Nynaeve returns from her walk then Elayne goes out. Thom and Juilin ask what is wrong with Nynaeve. She was sobbing and actually apologized. Elayne tells them everything about Tel'aran'rhiod, the Black Ajah and Moghedien omitting only Birgitte's true identity. It is a moot point as Juilin found a silver arrow beside her. Elayne makes it clear that they are hunting Moghedien and she is hunting them. Despite the dangers, Thom and Juilin both insist on staying with them. Elayne goes back inside and falls asleep. Some time later Birgitte wakes her and asks where she is. She begins crying as she thinks of Gaidal wandering without her. Birgitte asks after Nynaeve saying she had not seen anyone hog-tied like that since the Tourag took Mareesh.[1] She feels the bond and Elayne explains what she did acknowledging that she is only Accepted. Birgitte tells her about Barashelle. During the Trolloc Wars she bonded a man while still Accepted. The Amyrlin forced her to pass the bond, stay Accepted for three more years and then bond a stubborn old man named Anselan. Gaidal thinks Birgitte has a sense of humor like a rock tossed into a shoja-circle.[1] Elayne remembers hearing a story of the two as a love story. Birgitte acknowledges that Elayne saved her life and promises to serve as her Warder.[2] Elayne thinks she will have to choose the Green Ajah now as she still intends to bond Rand. They both go back to sleep and are wakened by Nynaeve the next morning. They dye Birgitte's hair black. The circus is bustling with activity as they prepare to cross the river to Samara. Thom and Juilin hitch horses to their wagon and saddle Skulker. Valan Luca is upset that his competition, Chin Akima, Sillia Cerano and another woman[3] are already there and in business. He yells at various performers, Latelle, Clarine, Brugh Chavana, Cerandin and Petra, to be prepared for their acts. Noting Birgitte, he asks if she wants to be a clown. Birgitte archly replies that she is an archer and challenges him to shoot at long odds. Valan Luca was in Illian when the Hunters of the Horn took their oaths at the Great Square of Tammaz. He accepts her challenge and she puts on a dazzling display. Thom and Juilin clean up on bets they made.[4] Luca is chagrined at first, but then he is elated when he thinks of having Birgitte shoot arrows at Nynaeve. She tells them her name is Maerion. Nynaeve looks sick.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] More of Birgitte's throwaway references to her previous lives. There is no indication of who or what the Tourag and Mareesh were except that they were from an earlier Age. No clue at all on a shoja-circle.
[#2] In early printings Birgitte refers to Elayne as "Daughter-Heir of Andor." This was a mistake, as Birgitte later does not believe Elayne when she claims to be the Daughter-Heir in TFoH,Ch47. In later printings Birgitte simply calls her "Elayne."
[#3] Mairin Gome (TFoH,Ch38)
[#4] So they are not at all fooled as to Birgitte's real identity.

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