ToM: A Vow

Egwene POV#

Egwene walks a field in Tel'aran'rhiod. With the terrible storm above it feels more unnatural than during her first visits with the twisted ring she got from Verin. Stores of unspoiled grain have been discovered.[1] She has two meetings this evening. She goes to the Heart of the Stone to meet with Amys and Bair. She tells them that Elaida was taken by the Seanchan and she is now Amyrlin. Sorilea wants Egwene back with the Aiel. She asks if they have seen Rand. They say he has embraced death and achieved the strength of the wind. Egwene broaches the idea of sending some Accepted to train with the Wise Ones. She asks if Rand told them what he told her. He only told them that she was angry. She repeats his plan to break the seals and Amys and Bair are shocked.

This meeting ended, Egwene returns to the Hall. Nynaeve has still not arrived. Egwene is frustrated that she has an easier time with her adversaries than with her friends, Rand, Gawyn and Nynaeve. Looking around, she notices that the new rose window in the Hall now bears a Dragon's Fang as well as the Flame of Tar Valon.[2] Nynaeve arrives and Egwene updates her on the news. She asks Nynaeve for advice being a leader and Nynaeve recounts her difficulties with Jon Thane and Cenn Buie. It is a ruse to show Nynaeve that she must respect Egwene as the Amyrlin now and Nynaeve reluctantly agrees.

A ward goes off indicating that someone has arrived. They look around and find no one, then Elayne arrives. She did not set off the ward; someone else did.[3] They discuss Rand and Egwene guesses that Elayne bonded him. Nynaeve indignantly notes that she is pregnant. Egwene heard it from Aviendha. She tells them about Rand's plan for the seals and they seem torn as to whether or not it is wise. Egwene orders them to return to the White Tower to swear on the Oath Rod. Elayne demurs because of her pregnancy. Nynaeve has been practicing the weaves for the test and thinks it is no big deal.[4] Egwene orders her to return immediately. She tells Elayne to try to make more dream ter'angreal and relates the story of Verin, Sheriam and the Black Ajah.

A ward goes off again. Egwene wills herself to the hallway outside and confronts Talva whom she shields. There is a sound behind her and she moves. The blast of Fire from Alviarin hits Talva instead of Egwene. Alviarin vanishes. Talva is dead. Egwene thinks that she relies too much on channeling. She needs to use her skill of the Dream World more. Egwene vows that she will find Mesaana.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Since Rand's visit.
[#2] It is not clear what this means.
[#3] Someone of the Black Ajah using the stolen dream ter'angreal.
[#4] She had lots of spare time in Arad Doman. (TGS,Ch7)

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