ToM: The Amyrlin's Anger

Egwene POV#

Egwene is in Tel'aran'rhiod where she comes sometimes to think. She still avoids Gawyn's dream. She touches Elayne's and Nynaeve's dreams and orders them to meet in the Hall in two nights. She needs to let them know about the White Tower and Elaida. She returns to her body and has a natural dream of Gawyn and a simple life in the Two Rivers. Suddenly the dream changes:

  • Thirteen black towers rose in the distance. The ground shakes and one by one they fall until six remain, one of the fallen growing back to the tallest of all.[1]
  • A nest of fledgling eagles screech for their mother. One turns into a serpent and begins swallowing the others.
  • An enormous sphere made of the finest crystal on a dark hilltop. It sparkles in the light of twenty-three enormous stars. There are cracks in it and it is help together by ropes. Rand walks up with a woodsman axe and chops the ropes. The sphere breaks apart, falling to pieces and Rand shakes his head.[2]

Egwene wakes in her bedchamber and records her dreams. She is certain the serpent is Mesaana in the White Tower as Verin told her. Silviana enters and tells her that the Dragon Reborn has come to see her.

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Siuan POV#

Siuan and Saerin grill High Captain Chubain about Rand. Bryne is out with his troops still getting them settled. Rand arrived at the Sunset Gate asking for the Amyrlin. They head to the Hall. They need to detour when they find another corridor changed but shortly they arrive. Siuan thinks Egwene made a good choice in Silviana to replace Sheriam but she secretly wanted the job herself. She still wants to do the job she and Moiraine set out to do, shepherd the Dragon Reborn to the Last Battle. Bryne arrives. Gawyn lurks nearby. Egwene enters and sends for her visitor. Rand enters shielded by twenty-six Aes Sedai and guarded by Warder. His eyes look ageless. Rand speaks to Siuan and Bryne, noting that they are bonded, and thanks Siuan for taking an arrow meant for him.[3] Tiana runs up and hands him a letter with a red seal.[4] Rand enters the Hall.

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Egwene POV#

Rand surprises her with his calmness. She asks what happened and he says he was broken then reforged. Cadsuane set him on the right path, but by accident.[5] There are thirteen Sitters present.[6] Pevara and Javindhra are still missing.[7] Barasine replaced Duhara. Rand speaks philosophically and Egwene worries that he is mad. She says she will have sisters examine him but he refuses. He tells her the last time he failed was because he used only men. It will take both saidin and saidar to seal the Bore. He says he remembers being Lews Therin like a dream. She sees him as earnest, not solemn like Perrin or wild like Mat. He says he will go to Shayol Ghul in one month and break the remaining seals. He must clear the rubble, open the Bore fully, before it can be sealed again. He will meet them at the Field of Merrilor one day before. She thinks of her dream of him letting the sphere break. He asks leave to depart and turns to go. She sees his left hand is missing. After he is gone, the Sitters slump in their seats. Silviana, Barasine and Yukiri say could not speak for his ta'veren effect. Chubain reports that Bryne is following Rand to make sure he leaves. Egwene says they need allies to stop him from breaking the seals.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The thirteen Forsaken now reduced to six. Ishamael fell but returned as Moridin who is now Nae'blis.
[#2] Egwene will interpret this as Rand breaking the seals.
[#3] In Fal Dara. (TGH,Ch9)
[#4] This sounds like one of Verin's letters (TGS,Ch36) We possibly learn the content in ToM,Ch32.
[#5] He clarifies this thought in ToM,Ch13.
[#6] There are at least sixteen Sitters in or around the White Tower at present so other than the three named it is not possible to determine who is present and who is missing.
[#7] At the Black Tower

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