Pronunciation: CWAIN-deh-yar

aka: Heartstone

Also known as heartstone. Cuendillar is "an indestructible substance created during the Age of Legends. Any known force used in an attempt to break it is absorbed, making it stronger." (The Eye of the World,Glossary)

References (Possible Spoilers)#

  1. In The Eye of the World
    1. TEotW,Ch52 - The seals to the Dark One's prison are made of cuendillar.
  2. In The Great Hunt
    1. TGH,Ch29 - High Lord Turak has a collection of cuendillar artifacts second only to that of the Empress.
  3. In The Dragon Reborn
    1. TDR,Ch48 - Old Leuese Mulan pulled up some cuendillar dishes in his fishing nets and is now rich.
  4. In The Shadow Rising
    1. TSR,Ch54 - The Sad Bracelets are made of cuendillar.
  5. In Crossroads of Twilight
    1. CoT,Ch17 - With hints from Moghedien, Egwene reconstructs the weave for making cuendillar. The weave uses Earth, Air and Fire to change iron to cuendillar.
    2. CoT,Ch30 - Egwene weaves Earth, Air and Fire, then touches the chain across Northharbor with Earth and Fire changing it from iron to cuendillar.
  6. In Knife of Dreams
    1. KoD,Prologue - Southharbor is completely blocked since Egwene converted the chain to cuendillar. Northharbor is partially blocked as Leane succeeded in converting about half of that chain.
    2. KoD,Ch2 - Beonin cannot make the weave for cuendillar and cannot teach it to Elaida.