TDR: A Flow of the Spirit

Perrin POV#

Perrin spends another day working for Dermid Ajala, the blacksmith, with Faile watching. They return to the inn that evening. Lan and Moiraine tell them that Rand is in Tear. There have been many marriages and many other unlikely events occurring in the last day. The First of Mayene[1] is a "guest" in the Stone of Tear. Many people dreamed of Rand holding Callandor. Many people also have nightmares because Be'lal does not shield his dreams. Moiraine say she will deal with Be'lal tonight. She orders Perrin, Zarine and Loial to leave for Tar Valon immediately. Faile leaves to find Loial. Following her through the common room and up the stairs, Perrin hears a noise from their private dining room. They find Faile lying motionless on the floor with a carved wooden hedgehog by her hand. Moiraine barely stops him from entering. She says it was a trap and she felt a flash of pure Spirit when it triggered. She sends Lan to find the innkeeper. The innkeeper says two women left Moiraine a "surprise." Moiraine concludes that Be'lal knows she is in Tear and had two of the Black Ajah set that trap for her. If Be'lal felt the trigger, then he will not expect them tonight. Perrin demands to know what is wrong with Faile. Moiraine says the hedgehog is a ter'angreal studied by Corianin Nedeal and it has something to do with Tel'aran'rhiod.[2] Faile is now completely in Tel'aran'rhiod and her body will soon die. There is nothing she can do. She tells Perrin to leave, but he refuses and they leave him to his destiny. Loial arrives. Perrin asks Loial to watch his back and leaps into the room.

Perrin is in the wolf dream with Hopper. He has his hammer instead of the axe. Hopper tells him he is in the dream too strongly and will die. He must leave immediately. Perrin insists on finding Faile and Hopper agrees to help.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Berelain
[#2] One of the ter'angreal stolen by Liandrin's group. The two women were certainly of her group, but there is no way to tell which two.

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