TDR: Tel'aran'rhiod

Egwene POV#

Egwene, Nynaeve and Elayne work in the kitchen the rest of the day. Verin, Elaida, Alanna, Anaiya and Sheriam all visit the kitchen during the day and Egwene wonders about their motives. That evening the three go to Egwene's room to try the twisted ring. Both Elayne and Nynaeve want to try it, too, but Egwene insists on going alone. They sit with her while she goes to bed wearing the twisted ring. She falls asleep thinking of Rand, then Perrin.

Egwene is walking through rolling hills. She wonders how Verin's Tel'aran'rhiod, Corianin Nedeal's World of Dreams, could be dangerous. She experiments and discovers that she can channel. She decides to look around and takes a step.

She is in a hallway of an inn. The door in front of her opens and she sees Perrin holding himself chained to a black stone pillar and guarded by a wolf. The wolf starts toward her and she yells at Perrin. He looks up and says, "Hopper, no!" The door closes.[1]

She is in some woods near a campfire. She walks to the camp and sees Rand staring into the flames. He hears her so she announces herself and tells him it is a dream. He thinks she is Shadowspawn disguised as Egwene and attacks her with a sword of fire. She flees.[2]

She is back in the rolling hills. She holds the twisted ring and wishes for it to take her where she needs to be, where she can find an answer.[3]

Egwene is in a great hall of redstone columns. There is a crystal sword floating in the center. An ugly old woman identifies herself as Silvie[4] and says she served Egwene's family for years. She tells Egwene they are in the Heart of the Stone in Tear. It is full of answers and secrets. She says they all pretend to serve the Great Lord while plotting their own agendas. She says Ishamael is a fool, shocking Egwene. Egwene asks about the sword and Silvie identifies it as Callandor. She can sense saidar in the barrier around it and realizes that the blank spaces must be saidin. She hears footsteps and Silvie says that he is coming to stare at it again.[5] She tells Egwene to leave immediately. Egwene says she does not know how and Silvie says she will help. She grabs the twisted ring and Egwene experiences a blinding flash of pain.

Egwene screams as she wakes. Nynaeve and Elayne tell her she never moved. She tells them all about it except for the part about Perrin and the wolf. They realize the Heart of the Stone must be their target so they must go to Tear. Elayne says she must send a letter to her mother or Morgase might send Gareth Bryne and the whole army against Tar Valon or after them. The only problem is ensuring safe delivery without the wrong person reading it. They plan to leave midday the next day. As they all go to sleep (in the same bed) Nynaeve laughs and announces that she knows who will take the letter for Elayne.[6]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This was Perrin in the wolf dream with Hopper guarding him. (TDR,Ch33)
[#2] Rand recalls this dream in TDR,Ch32.
[#3] In TSR,Ch52 Egwene will recall doing this when Amys tells her and Nynaeve about Need.
[#4] The timing, her reference to the Great Lord, her comment about Ishamael, her knowledge of Egwene and her knowledge of the twisted ring make it near certain that Silvie is actually Lanfear.
[#5] Must be Be'lal.
[#6] Mat. (TDR,Ch28)

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