TGS: A Box Opens

Cadsuane POV#

Cadsuane, Bair and Sorilea, newly arrived from Bandar Eban, regard Semirhage. Daigian and Sarene are outside the door, holding her shield. Cadsuane is using flashing lights and ringing for sleep deprivation. Sorilea asks to speak to her and the weaves stop. Semirhage makes a normal, cruel statement. Sorilea responds that Semirhage seems more human than she expected and this seems to annoy Semirhage. She responds that she would like to see how hard she has to push to make an Aiel kill a blacksmith.[1] After the weaves are reset, Sorilea says they should kill her; she is too dangerous. Cadsuane agrees she is dangerous, but she has valuable knowledge of weaves and the other Forsaken. The Forsaken are not as twisted as Myrddraal or Draghkar. Oddly, according to Rand, the Forsaken are very human, being petty, destructive and argumentative.[2] As they leave, Cadsuane instructs Daigian and Sarene to make sure she is kept awake. They go to Cadsuane's room. On the way, she thinks how far she still has to go to get Rand ready for the Last Battle. In her room, a battered document box contains special items. She has it warded with inverted weaves.[3] Cadsuane disarms the box and opens it. It contains the access key and the original sad bracelets. Cadsuane left the a'dam, the sad bracelets copies and Callandor with some retired Aes Sedai.[4] Cadsuane tested an a'dam on herself and could not escape. Sorilea says Rand has grown worse. Cadsuane agrees and they set to making a plan.

More Cadsuane POV

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Yet another reference to the unique standing of blacksmiths in Aiel culture. Does that mean Perrin will play a special role with the Aiel?
[#2] We will get some further insight into the Forsaken in TGS,Ch39.
[#3] Weave inversion is something she must have learned from Nynaeve.
[#4] Who and where??

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