Pronunciation: SHAWN-chahn

Map: A map of Seanchan is available in the Guide, p. 157.

A nation. The inhabitants are also referred to as the Seanchan.


Seanchan covers the entire continent which lies westward across the Aryth Ocean from the Westlands.

Ruling Body#

The Empire is currently ruled by the Empress from the Court of Nine Moons located in Seandar, where she reigns upon the famed Crystal Throne.


  • Abunai - on the Sea of L'Heye
  • Aldael Mountains
  • Alqam
  • Ancarid
  • Asinbayar
  • Barsabba
  • Dalenshar
  • Halamak
  • Ijaz Mountains
  • Imfaral

  • Jeranem
  • Jianmin
  • Kaensada
  • Khoweal
  • Maram Kashor
  • Marendalar
  • Merinloe
  • Muyami
  • N'Kon
  • Noren M'Shar

  • Pujili
  • Sa'las Plains
  • Salaking
  • Seandar (shawn-DAHR) capital city
  • Semalaren
  • Sen T'jore
  • Serengada Dai
  • Shon Kifar
  • Sohima
  • Tuel

References (Possible Spoilers)#

  1. In the Guide
    1. The Empire is currently ruled by the Empress from the Court of Nine Moons located in Seandar, where she reigns upon the famed Crystal Throne.
    2. Guide - Luthair Paendrag Mondwin's army quite naturally thought the fighting Aes Sedai and exotic creatures they found were Darkfriends and named them thusly.
  2. In The Great Hunt
    1. TGH,Ch7 - The Sea Folk fear the Armies of the Night across the Aryth Ocean.
    2. TGH,Ch7 - The Sea Folk have a saying about Seanchan, "lands under the Shadow, beyond the setting sun, beyond the Aryth Ocean, where the Armies of Night reign."
    3. TGH,Ch34 - When Fain claims that Trollocs are following him Turak says the Armies of the Night had other followers.
    4. TGH,Ch40 - Luthair Paendrag Mondwin used a'dam to control Aes Sedai who were part of the Armies of the Night.
    5. TGH,Ch40 - High Lady Suroth has orders to take Egwene and Nynaeve back to Seanchan.
    6. TGH,Ch42 - Egwene is to be taken to Seanchan in a few days.
  3. In The Shadow Rising
    1. TSR,Ch1 - Suroth has a decorative panel with the image of a great spotted cat from the Sen T'jore.
  4. In The Path of Daggers
    1. TPoD,Ch22 - Assid Bakuun spent two years putting down rebellion on Marendalar.
    2. TPoD,Ch24 - Kennar Miraj's troops hail from all over Seanchan - Alqam, N'Kon, Khoweal and Dalenshar.
    3. TPoD,Ch24 - Kennar Miraj's enemy seems to spring out of the ground like trap-worms in the Sen T'jore.
    4. TPoD,Ch24 - Kennar Miraj knows that news of an army travels as fast as wildfire on the Sa'las Plains.
  5. In Winters Heart
    1. WH,Ch20 - Bethamin Zeami is from the village of Abunai on the Sea of L'Heye.
  6. In Crossroads of Twilight
    1. CoT,Ch4 - The Seanchan (People) brought the Kaensada Hills into the empire over three hundred years ago but the tribesmen are still only half civilized.
    2. CoT,Ch4 - Furyk Karede was born the property of Jalid Magonine, a merchant of Ancarid.
    3. CoT,Ch4 - Furyk Karede distinguished himself at the Muyami Uprising and the Jianmin Incident.
    4. CoT,Ch4 - Furyk Karede kept Tuon's doll for ten years until it was lost in the Great Fire at Sohima.
    5. CoT,Ch6 - Suroth is High Lady of Asinbayar and Barsabba.
  7. In Knife of Dreams
    1. KoD,Prologue - Semirhage tells Suroth that, with the Empress and royal family all dead, there is civil war from the Aldael Mountains to Salaking.
    2. KoD,Ch4 - Thinking of hundreds of channeling Wise Ones, Mishima recalls the slaughter at Semalaren when there were four hundred damane on each side.
    3. KoD,Ch34 - Jeranem is bitter cold in winter.
    4. KoD,Ch34 - People from Khoweal and Dalenshar have black skin.
    5. KoD,Ch34 - People from N'Kon have honey-colored skin.
    6. KoD,Ch34 - People from Mechoacan have fair hair.
    7. KoD,Ch34 - People from Alqam have pale eyes.
    8. KoD,Ch34 - People from Pujili have dark eyes and wear narrow beards.
    9. KoD,Ch34 - The Ijaz Mountains are known for excellent kaf beans.
    10. KoD,Ch36 - Furyk Karede recounts that he lost Tuon's doll in the Great Fire at Sohima. He is overwhelmed that she kept track of him and his family.
  8. In The Gathering Storm
    1. TGS,Prologue - Tylee Khirgan is from the region of Maram Kashor. Mishima is from Halamak.
  9. In Towers of Midnight
    1. ToM,Ch1 - All of Seanchan is in chaos after the murders in Seandar.