TEotW: Dust on the Wind

Rand POV#

Lan leads Moiraine, Rand, Mat, Perrin, Thom, Egwene and Nynaeve as they ride through Shadar Logoth. Mashadar separates Moiraine and Lan from the rest. They are confronted by Trollocs and everyone runs. Trollocs run as fast as Cloud. Mashadar gets the Trollocs and the Fade following Rand. Mat, then Thom, join Rand and they head for the river with Trollocs on their heels.

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Perrin POV#

Perrin meets Egwene just inside a gate in the wall. They run for the river, but Bela falls behind. Perrin rides off a bluff and lands in the river. He loses his horse and his cloak, but keeps his axe. He makes it across the river and collapses.

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Rand POV#

As Rand and Mat ride for the river they are attacked by more Trollocs. Thom helps drive them off with three of his throwing knives. He then mutters about losing his second-best knives.[1] They reach the river and ride downstream. They see a light that turns out to be an eighty foot trader's boat tied up for the night. As they dismount, more Trollocs attack. They grab their saddlebags and jump onto the boat. Rand lands on a sleeping man, Floran Gelb. Rand is knocked down and a Trolloc starts to impale him. Out of nowhere, a boom swings loose and knocks the Trolloc off the boat.[2] The captain of the boat, the Spray, is Bayle Domon. He is afraid the Trollocs are following his boat. He berates Gelb for sleeping on the job and tells him he will be put off at Whitebridge. Rand and Mat give him their silver coins for passage.[3] They ask him to pick up their friends, but Domon tells them they are already miles down river and they will not stop till Whitebridge. He was stranded in Saldaea near Maradon all winter. The Trollocs were unusually bad in Saldaea this winter.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] A recent correction that explains Thom still having One Power wrought knives when he attacks the Fade in Whitebridge. (TEotW,Ch26)
[#2] Rand channeling again. He will have a reaction in four days. (TEotW,Ch24)
[#3] So Moiraine will no longer be able to track them.

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