NS: Breakfast in Manala

Lan POV#

The next morning Lan thinks the woman did not sleep because she is not used to hardship.[1] She gave her name as Lady Alys. They had set a trap for her with Lan as bait thinking that she might be a spy from Edeyn. Bukama thinks his black gelding is not nearly as good as Sun Lance.[2] Lan is wary of Alys. He dislikes both Aes Sedai and Cairhienin and she claims to be both. Ryne seems besotted with her. They travel north and stop at the town of Manala for breakfast. Bel Tine festivities are underway. There are six Trolloc heads on posts from a recent raid. Alys comments on fighting Trollocs with a sword. Lan is surprised that she has fought Trollocs and asks where. She cryptically responds that there are Shadowspawn in places he never dreamed of.[3] Ryne selects The Plowman's Blade for them to stop. The innkeeper is Mistress Tomichi. She is delighted by the presence of a noble and serves them herself. While they are eating, Alys slips out. Lan is impressed that she left without him hearing. They split up to find her. Lan finds her in an alley, sneaks in and overhears her asking Mistress Marishna about Avene Sahera. Alys coldly chides him for eavesdropping. Lan is again impressed that she heard him while he was being quiet. He thinks she might be after Ryne as a Warder. He offers to help her find Avene Sahera and she tells him not to meddle in Aes Sedai affairs. She sends him back to the inn to wait until she is ready to leave. He and Bukama still wonder why she was following them.

More Lan POV

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Actually because of the wards she set. (NS,Ch19)
[#2] Note the error on the cover art. With the four of them riding together outside a large city, the image clearly depicts them approaching Chachin but Bukama is still riding Sun Lance, a yellow roan.
[#3] In the oval ring during her test for the shawl. (NS,Ch9)

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