TEotW: Listen to the Wind

Nynaeve POV#

It is dawn. Nynaeve awakes on the banks of the Arinelle River. She remembers the previous night in Shadar Logoth. She encountered Trollocs but after they caught her scent, they left her alone. She sets out downriver. She comes across Moiraine's and Lan's camp. Moiraine and Lan discuss how so many Trollocs could have gotten there so fast.[1] The Trollocs disappeared as quickly as they appeared.[2]

Moiraine detects that Nynaeve is near and tells her to come out. Lan is momentarily chagrined. Moiraine tells Nynaeve that she can wield the One Power. Moiraine tells her that she knew it when she arrived in Emond's Field. Moiraine guesses at how it all began: eight or ten years ago she really wanted something and she got it. Then a week or ten days later[3] Nynaeve had her first reaction to touching the True Source. Fever, chills, headaches, numbness, giddiness, which lasts just a few hours.[4] Moiraine also guesses that she Healed either Perrin or Egwene. Nynaeve confirms that it was Egwene. Nynaeve was apprentice to Mistress Barran. Moiraine tells Nynaeve that women who cannot control their channeling die a terrible death. Nynaeve recalls that Mistress Barran's first apprentice and an apprentice Wisdom in Deven Ride died in this manner.[5] Moiraine tells Nynaeve that she can become one of the most powerful Aes Sedai they have seen in centuries, even more powerful than Egwene. Moiraine tells Lan that they must start heading south. Nynaeve asks why and Moiraine explains about the tokens she gave them in TEotW,Ch2. Lan fetches Nynaeve's horse and they depart.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The Ways.
[#2] Probably through the Shadar Logoth Waygate.
[#3] Again, an inconsistency on the length of a week.
[#4] Moiraine describes almost word for word the symptoms Rand experiences in TEotW,Ch15 and TEotW,Ch24, a blatant hint about Rand's abilities.
[#5] From the text it seems probable that Mistress Barran had some feel, perhaps subconscious, for channeling and the dangers involved.

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