LoC: Thorns

Rand POV#

Sulin and Min stay with Rand while he spends most of the day in bed resting. Rand finds the flute Thom gave him in his wardrobe and plays a bit. Amys, Bair, Sorilea, Colinda and a bunch of other Wise Ones come in to check on his health. Nandera sent word to them. Melaine told Amys and Bair about Min, so all the Wise Ones want to question her. After the Wise Ones leave, Min starts to tell Rand of a viewing of Colinda:

  • "I saw - No. No, it doesn't have anything to do with you. Maybe the heat is affecting me. When I know, I always know. It must be the heat."

Rand receives a polite letter from Coiren requesting an audience. He sends a polite refusal. He also asks for Gawyn to visit, but he never comes. On the second day Somara announces Berelain. Berelain and Min eye each other and smile fiercely. Lews Therin hums when Berelain makes a low curtsy. Rand asks her why she hid in her rooms after he was last in Cairhien. Berelain looks embarrassed, but never really answers.[1] She asks who he intends for the Sun Throne and he tells her it is for Elayne. Berelain thinks she is a good choice. After Berelain leaves, Min reports that she had a viewing:

  • "Just a man in white who will make her fall head over heels."

That afternoon, Min orders and begins wearing more feminine clothes. Two days later Coiren sends another request and three days later a third, but Rand declines. He can feel that Alanna is on her way and wants to keep his word that Coiren and Merana will be on equal footing. Rand and Min go to the School of Cairhien to visit Idrien Tarsin and Herid Fel, but Herid is too distracted by Min to be of much use. The next day Herid sends Rand a note:

  • "Belief and order give strength. Have to clear rubble before you can build."

Then Herid leaves to go fishing. Min spends a lot of time with the Wise Ones, but Rand wants her around to view the nobles. The nobles all wear cheesy smiles except Dobraine. He wants no one to know how important she is to him, as that will make her a target for the Forsaken or Padan Fain. Min has viewings of several nobles:

Rand practices sword fighting and also hand-to-hand fighting with Rhuarc and Gaul. Loial spends a lot of time in the Royal Library. Perrin visits, but looks tired.[2] Min reads Essays on Reason by Daria Gahand. Rand meets with Rhuarc every day. He reports that Sevanna was there, but she left the day after Rand arrived. Rhuarc seems angry with Berelain and she seems embarrassed by it.[3] Selande is active as one of the young nobles acting as Aiel. In all, ten days pass in Cairhien.

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Perrin POV#

Perrin has a very difficult time those ten days. Berelain stalks him and Faile is intensely jealous. Wil al'Seen is the only man Perrin has seen women chase after. Loial spends every waking moment in the Royal Library. Perrin likes the library, but there is a slender, dark-haired Aes Sedai there who seldom blinks.[4] Perrin tries to get away by going hunting with Gaul or Rhuarc. Colavaere, Meilan and Maringil question him about Rand. He overhears Bain and Chiad discussing whether they should help Faile beat him. Perrin does not know what to do to solve his problem.

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Rand POV#

On his tenth day back, Rand receives a fourth request from Coiren. From the feel of Alanna's bond, Rand thinks Merana is about half way to Cairhien and so will be there in ten more days. Rand writes back to Coiren telling her she can bring two other Aes Sedai the next afternoon. Lews Therin mutters about killing Sammael and Demandred.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This is the same odd behavior of LoC,Ch27 and LoC,Ch28 and is never explained. Was it because the Aes Sedai were badgering her and possibly got through to her?
[#2] Because of Berelain and Faile.
[#3] Because he knows about her chasing Perrin?
[#4] This sounds like Nesune.

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