KoD: Vows

Loial POV#

Loial is too nervous to ask Nynaeve or Verin to accompany him. He cannot see the human ghosts and he has not yet seen any Ogier ghosts. Verin seems to know a great deal about these recent effects. He goes upstairs to the Ogier quarters. He thinks it is strange that Cadsuane knows his mother, Covril daughter of Ella daughter of Soong.[1] She is waiting with Elder Haman and Erith in the sitting room. Loial thinks Erith is beautiful. Covril and Haman are angry that they had such a long journey to find him, Cairhien to Stedding Tsofu to Caemlyn to the Two Rivers, back to Caemlyn then back to Cairhien. Finally Covril decided she must return to the Great Stump and they headed back to Stedding Shangtai.[2]

Erith notes that Loial was heroic in closing the Manetheren Waygate with Gaul at Emond's Field and rescuing Rand at Dumai's Wells. Elder Haman then marries Loial and Erith on the spot. They rub noses for a minute. Covril wants to leave immediately for Stedding Shangtai but Elder Haman insists on staying the night. The Great Stump is debating opening the Book of Translation which will take the Ogier to another world. Loial wishes he could address the Great Stump and argue that the Ogier should stay and fight the Shadow as they did in the Trolloc Wars. Loial looks out the windows and sees an army of Trollocs coming. He and Elder Haman pick up axes while Erith and Covril pick up long knives, then they go to warn Rand.

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Rand POV#

Rand and Cadsuane both detect Shadowspawn. Logain, Alivia and Min are still there. They hear the Ogier shouting. At the window Rand sees the army of Trollocs led by Myrddraal. Bashere's Saldaeans are trapped in the outbuildings. Rand seizes saidin but when the dizziness hits him Lews Therin takes control. He can see pins identifying Ahf'frait, Ko'bal, Ghraem'lan, Al'ghol, Dhai'mon, Dha'vol, Ghar'ghael, Dhjin'nen, Bhan'sheen and some he does not recognize of lesser bands of Trollocs. Lews Therin howls that he cannot move his hands. He channels Earth, Air and Fire in Blossoms of Fire. He weaves Spirit touched with Fire for a gateway but then adds touches of Earth for Deathgates. Traveling kills Shadowspawn. Rand raises his hands so he can see them and Lews Therin weaves Fire and Earth for Arrows of Fire. The Trollocs try to break into the outbuildings and some are on fire.

Logain quenches some of the fires. Lews Therin is focused only on killing. Eventually all the Trollocs are dead. Harilin, Enaila and Min are still ready to fight. Logain releases saidin and asks why Rand did not teach him the fancy weaves sooner. Is he playing favorites like Taim? Lews Therin will not release saidin, moaning that he wants to join Ilyena. Lews Therin remembers dying and starts to draw too much saidin. Logain takes note and everyone is worried. Cadsuane grills Min on how Rand is feeling because she knows of their bond. Rand warns Cadsuane not to threaten Min again. Rand tells Lews Therin that they can die together at Tarmon Gai'don and he reluctantly releases. Cadsuane knows even before Logain tells her.[3]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] That is strange. How could Cadsuane know of Covril?
[#2] There is no indication how they found Loial. It seems that Lord Algarin's manor is on the way from Cairhien to Stedding Shangtai and they happened on it by accident.
[#3] Because of one of her ter'angreal, perhaps the golden swallow.

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