Canluum is a large town in Kandor in a hilly area south of Chachin. The buildings are stone and brick. The city is surrounded by a drymoat fifty paces wide that is crossed by five bridges. Local gem mines make the city wealthy. The castle of the ruler Lord Varan Marcasiev sits on a high hill, Stag's Stand. The area inside the north wall is called the Deeps.



References (Possible Spoilers)#

  1. In New Spring
    1. NS,Ch15 - Lan and Bukama arrive at Canluum.
    2. NS,Ch15 - General description of the city.
    3. NS,Ch16 - They meet Ryne at The Blue Rose and agree to move on to Chachin.
    4. NS,Ch17 - During her search for the Dragon Reborn, Moiraine meets Siuan here and learns that the Black Ajah has killed all the other searchers.
    5. NS,Ch19 - Lan, Bukama, Ryne and Moiraine leave Canluum heading for Chachin.