ACoS: The First Cup

Elayne POV#

Nalesean misunderstands Mat's shouting and thinks he found the Bowl. He rushes back to the Tarasin Palace and reports to Elayne. Birgitte stayed behind to watch. Elayne goes to Merilille Ceandevin, Vandene, Adeleas, Sareitha and Careane of the Green Ajah, but they are not happy at the news. The Aes Sedai are mad at Elayne for endangering a two thousand year secret.[1] Elayne is eighteen. Merilille's maid, Pol, enters with a message, via Tylin, from Carridin: news that Morgase is alive and with Niall, offering to take Elayne to Amador. Elayne thinks it is a lie and is really angry. She takes over the Aes Sedai and is surprised when they acquiesce to her.[2] Adeleas explains that Aes Sedai defer to the strongest once that is established. She continues to explain the Kin. During the Trolloc Wars, women who were kicked out of the Tower migrated to Barashta where the Rahad is now. Eharon was less affected than most nations, but in the end Barashta fell as completely as Barsine or Shaemal. They think there are only about fifty of them. The Kin help runaways, so the Aes Sedai know to watch the Kin and Ebou Dar to find the runaways and return them to the White Tower. The Aes Sedai break up other such groups. The last was the Daughters of Silence about two hundred years ago - twenty-three channelers led by two former Accepted. The five Aes Sedai now follow Elayne. She tells them something the about Kin.[3]

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Moghedien POV#

She is in a sedan chair with compulsed bearers riding through Ebou Dar[4] when she spots Nynaeve. Nynaeve gets on a boat. Moghedien goes to the roof of an inn, The Oarsman's Pride, for a better view. She is fearful that she is veering from her instructions. She wears black and red, Moridin's colors. Moghedien is okay at Compulsion, but not great. As she balefires Nynaeve's boat, pigeons startle her causing her to cut the boat diagonally in half instead of destroying the passenger cabin. She hopes Moridin might forgive/ignore her independent action and heads back for Falion and Ispan.[4]
(You Darkfriend!)

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The Kin do not know that the Aes Sedai know about them and secretly use them.
[#2] This is a minor error. Elayne is well aware of Aes Sedai precedence and even used it to take Aviendha away from other Aes Sedai in LoC,Ch40.
[#3] Probably that they know where the *angreal stash is located.
[#4] In TPoD,Ch2 Moridin seems disdainful of the *angreal stash so it is not at all clear why Moghedien is in Ebou Dar in the first place. Maybe just to fetch Falion and Ispan?

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