TGH: The Testing

Nynaeve POV#

After a few days in Tar Valon, Nynaeve prepares for her Accepted test. There are five Aes Sedai, Sheriam, a swarthy Red, a Green, a White and a Gray[1] in the chamber with the three arches ter'angreal. Sheriam tells Nynaeve about ter'angreal. Some ter'angreal work on any woman who can channel, some work on anyone at all. She mentions the Oath Rod and oaths to be sworn - "To speak no word that is not true. To make no weapon for one man to kill another. Never to use the One Power as a weapon except against Darkfriends or Shadowspawn, or in the last extreme of defending your own life, that of your Warder, or that of another sister." The oaths were adopted between the Trolloc Wars and the Hundred Years War. Nynaeve is scared of spiders.[2] She feels driven to get revenge on Moiraine. Nynaeve takes off her clothes and enters the first arch.

She is in a stone maze. Aginor confronts her. Nynaeve channels to fight him. She can detect Aginor channeling as well.[3] She is winning the battle when she sees the exit and angrily leaves off her chase to exit the arch.[4]

Nynaeve is angry at the outcome and asks if it was real. Sheriam replies that no one knows for sure. Sheriam is surprised that Nynaeve could channel in the three arches. The three arches were found during the Trolloc Wars. The first Aes Sedai who channeled when they entered the three arches were burned out. Nynaeve enters the second arch.

She is back in Emond's Field. She enters the Winespring Inn and talks with Marin. Bran is dead and Cenn Buie is now mayor. Lots of people haven taken ill and died. Mavra Mallen went back to Deven Ride. Malena Aylar, from Watch Hill, is the new Wisdom.[5] She is a bully and even beat up Alsbet Luhhan. Paet al'Caar and his two sons are dead and his wife, Nela al'Caar, has lost her mind. Marin still has four daughters at home. Corin Ayellin is a member of the Women's Circle. Marin begs Nynaeve to stay and help, but she sees the exit and leaves.[6]

Nynaeve is really angry this time. Sheriam comforts her a bit and leads her to the third arch.

She is in Malkier and married to Lan. She can channel without anger.[7] Lan thinks she is unwell and offers to call Sharina Sedai.[8] Nynaeve has three children, a daughter, Elnore, a son, Maric, and a baby. Nynaeve's mother was named Elnore. Nynaeve does not reach the exit this time. She channels, picturing a thorn bush, and the arch reappears.[9]

Nynaeve reappears sobbing helplessly and saying she hates all Aes Sedai. While comforting her, Sheriam notes with surprise that Nynaeve has thorns in her hands. Sheriam Heals them. Siuan and other Aes Sedai have come. Siuan anoints her and she is now Accepted.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

Compare with TDR,Ch22 and TDR,Ch23. Nynaeve sees nothing here that could not reasonably be expected to come from her own knowledge or imagination. Contrast this with the new knowledge that Egwene receives in her test.

[#1] None of the other four is ever identified.
[#2] Ironic, since her nemesis among the Forsaken is Moghedien, the Spider.
[#3] Not possible in the real world.
[#4] There is nothing in this vision that appears to be real or prophetic.
[#5] Malena Aylar is not mentioned anywhere else, so it is not clear if she is real or imaginary.
[#6] The successor to Mavra Mallen is Daise Congar, so again there is no indication of anything either real or prophetic.
[#7] Possibly prophetic as her block will be broken. (ACoS,Ch33)
[#8] There is no way to tell if Sharina Melloy Sedai is imaginary, a real person, or possibly the Sharina Melloy who joins the Salidar Aes Sedai as a novices. (TPoD,Ch30) Nynaeve recognizes her full name, Sharina Melloy, when Egwene mentions her. (WH,Ch10)
[#9] Lan and Nynaeve wed. (ACoS,Ch37) Other than that, there is nothing in this segment that is clearly prophetic or real.


Conclusion of Nynaeve's Acceptance testing. by Mark Bray

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