TGH: Watchers

Moiraine POV#

Moiraine and Lan are in Tifan's Well in Arafel at the home of Adeleas and Vandene, two elderly sisters who are Aes Sedai. Moiraine is studying old books and manuscripts. She thinks no one would expect her to come here. She must clear her head and start over. Adeleas of the Brown Ajah and Vandene of the Green Ajah retired from the White Tower a long time ago.[1] Vandene's Warder is Jaem. She came to them because they are writing a history and have lots of old references. Moiraine talks to Lan about bonding him nearly twenty years ago near Chachin.[2] She goads him about having to obey her and he angrily responds that she never had to compel him. Moiraine tells him that she passed his bond to Myrelle back in Tar Valon.[3] It will happen when she dies. Myrelle promised to pass Lan to one who suits him better. Lan is even angrier. Nonconsensual passing of a bond has not been done in four hundred years. She asks why he helped Rand. Lan responds that it seemed right. It might be ta'veren effect. Moiraine thinks he now cares about Emond's Field folks because of Nynaeve. She sends Lan away so she can think.

Moiraine thinks of herself as, "married to her battle."[4] She recalls Lan carrying her to Anaiya to be Healed.[5] Vandene enters with tea. She notes Moiraine is reading books on the Trolloc Wars, the Watchers Over the Waves, the legend of the Return, the Horn of Valere, Dark Prophecy, Santhra's book on the Forsaken, Shadar Logoth and the Prophecies of the Dragon.[6] She says there is a rumor in the village that the Horn has been found, but she discounts it. Moiraine asks about the Horn and the Dragon Reborn. Vandene replies that there is no direct link, only that the Horn must be found before Tarmon Gai'don. Moiraine asks about the Dragon Reborn and Toman Head. Vandene answers that the prophecy says, "Five ride forth, four return. Above the watchers shall he proclaim himself, bannered cross the sky in fire." In the original Old Tongue version, the word "watchers" is ma'vron, but watchers is really a'vron. She thinks ma'vron means Do Miere A'vron, the Watchers Over the Waves. She thinks it means the Dragon Reborn will appear above Toman Head. She is curious about Mazrim Taim who is nearby in Saldaea and not captured yet.

Changing the subject, Moiraine asks if a Fade would take something that came from Shadar Logoth.[7] Vandene says Adeleas knows more of Shadar Logoth, but even she knows that a Fade would not touch it.

Changing the subject again, Moiraine asks about Lanfear. Vandene replies that all she knows is that Lanfear was linked to Lews Therin. She asks if Moiraine knows anything about the Dragon Reborn. Using Aes Sedai sleight of tongue, Moiraine indirectly denies it. Vandene leaves and Moiraine goes outside. A Draghkar attacks, but Jaem and Lan save her. Vandene and Adeleas rush out of the house. Vandene Heals Moiraine and they both wonder why they did not detect its evil. Moiraine says it was warded, therefore the Black Ajah was involved![8] Moiraine says she must leave immediately and asks the sister to send letters to the White Tower for her. She says she may have found an answer that she did not know she sought.[9]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] So how did Moiraine know of them and where to find them?
[#2] The full story is in New Spring.
[#3] How long ago did this happen? And why?
[#4] Is this what she means when she tells Egwene and Nynaeve that she knows her future husband? (TSR,Ch6)
[#5] No clue as to when this happened.
[#6] She also finds a scrap of manuscript from the Age of Legends that describes Wolfbrothers and the wolf dream. (TDR,Ch9)
[#7] She is still trying to figure out why Mat's ruby dagger was taken. Ergo, she has not yet made (or is just now making) the connection between Fain and Shadar Logoth.
[#8] Liandrin or someone else? Or is Moiraine wrong?
[#9] Not definitive, but most likely that Fain is now Mordeth.

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