TDR: Sealed

Egwene POV#

Egwene steps out of the third arch of the three arches and notes that all is not right. The Amyrlin and a representative of each Ajah is there, but there are now six Aes Sedai around the three arches and it hums and sparks. The White Ajah representative is Alviarin. Sheriam immediately Delves her to make sure she is okay. Siuan completes the ceremony and announces that Egwene is now Accepted. Elaida brings her clothes and the papers, insults her and leaves. Egwene asks what happened and Alanna says the strange resonance came back much stronger. Alanna apologizes and says she will ask for a penance to work with Egwene in the kitchen. She says the only time she can recall anything like this happening was when two ter'angreal were used in the same room. Egwene realizes she caused the resonance by bringing the twisted ring with her. Egwene asks Alanna about the Green Ajah, which pleases her. Alanna says the Green Ajah stands ready to do battle during Tarmon Gai'don. Siuan comes over and Alanna asks for her penance as she said she would. Siuan reacts as if Alanna were crazy to ask such a thing and refuses.[1] Egwene is now nervous about Alanna as well as Sheriam and Elaida possibly being Black Ajah. Sheriam realizes Egwene is still there and sends her off to bed. Not wanting to be alone, she goes to Nynaeve's room and finds Elayne crying on Nynaeve's lap. Elayne's Accepted test was terrible, too. Egwene joins her in a good cry and Nynaeve says they will make them pay.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Asking such a penance is clearly way out of line. Why did Alanna do it?

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