TGH: New Friends and Old Enemies

Egwene POV#

It is the day after Nynaeve's Accepted test. Sheriam put Egwene's name in the novices book yesterday evening.[1] One of the Accepted, Pedra, takes Egwene to her new room. Egwene meets Elayne who is assigned to help her. They get to know each other. Egwene is a bit jealous that Elayne knows Rand. Sheriam thinks channeling ability has been culled by gentling men. Elaida ordered a search for Rand and was furious when he escaped.[2] Elaida came to Tar Valon with Elayne, but Elayne has not seen her since. They were followed by Whitecloaks who are still camped by Dragonmount. Elayne says there are two other girls who know Rand, Min and Else Grinwell. Else Grinwell ran away from home to become Aes Sedai after meeting Rand and Mat. Elayne takes Egwene to meet Min.

On the way, they see Logain. He is under the supervision of an Accepted and looks sad. They meet Min and Egwene recognizes her. Min tells her that Master Fitch is rebuilding The Stag and Lion with gold from Tar Valon. The messenger who brought the gold also brought a letter to Min "requesting" her to come to Tar Valon.[3] Elayne says that Sheriam saw the letter. Elayne and Min tell Egwene about the auras Min sees. She told Elayne that she would have to share her husband with two other women[4] and that she would be a queen. She saw a severed hand, not hers. With Egwene she sees a white flame and other things.

Galad and Gawyn arrive. Egwene is taken with Galad's good looks. After Galad leaves, Min says that he will always do what is right, no matter who it hurts. Gawyn says Galad is the best swordsman he has ever seen. Elayne tells Gawyn that Egwene is from the same village as Rand. Gawyn thinks it is strange that so many people know of Rand. An old farmer who met Rand stayed in Caemlyn to support Queen Morgase.[5] He says Elaida has questioned him about Rand. They see Elaida approaching and Gawyn leaves. Elayne introduces her to Egwene. Elaida sends off Egwene and Elayne saying she wants to talk to Min. As they leave, Egwene hears Elaida tell Min that she heard that Moiraine sent for her.

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Min POV#

Elaida thoroughly grills Min about Rand, then leaves. Min wonders how Elaida knew that Moiraine sent for her. She was sure only Moiraine and Sheriam knew about it.[6]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] It is not clear why there was a delay of a few days in making Egwene a novices and Nynaeve an Accepted.
[#2] This concurs with her bad-mouthing Moiraine throughout the White Tower. (TGH,Ch4)
[#3] When did Moiraine send for Min?
[#4] This was actually from her viewing of Rand when they first met in Baerlon. (TEotW,Ch15, TFoH,Ch50)
[#5] Almen Bunt
[#6] How did Elaida learn about Min? It is possible that Sheriam passed on the information. (TGS,Ch25)

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