TFoH: Leavetakings

Nynaeve POV#

Nynaeve is packing. She takes the gems Amathera gave them, the packs of herbs she took from Ronde Macura, half the purses of money and the seal. She can feel evil oozing from it. Of course she has the twisted ring and Lan's ring. She sees the silver arrow and thinks again of losing to Moghedien. Elayne comes in and packs. She packs the silver arrow, the other half of the money, the iron disc and the amber plaque. Unlike the twisted ring, the iron disc and amber plaque require channeling Spirit. Outside, Thom, Juilin, Galad, Uno and Birgitte are waiting. Aludra wishes them a safe journey. Petra, the Chavanas, and Kin and Bari offer to help escort them, but the girls say no thanks. Even Latelle says goodbye. Cerandin is not there. Luca gives Nynaeve some flowers before they leave. As they leave, Ragan and the rest of the Shienarans join them. Still angry, Nynaeve rushes ahead until Birgitte catches her muttering about Carpan girls leaping from a river cliff.[1] They make their way to Samara. It is a madhouse and they are attacked by a mob. Elayne and Nynaeve embrace saidar but are afraid to channel for fear of attracting more attention and possibly alerting Moghedien and the Black Ajah.[2] They drive off the men killing many of them. Galad does most of the damage. Nearly everyone is wounded in the fight. As they continue Thom recites the story of Kirukan, the beautiful soldier queen of the Trolloc Wars. Two dozen Whitecloaks join them and escort them to the boat, the Riverserpent. There is a crowd of refugees at the dock. Nynaeve forces the captain, Agni Neres, to take all the refugees as well.[3] He complains, saying he gives alms on Firstday. Galad says he has paid their way to Boannda, half way to Altara where the Boern River runs into the Eldar River. As the boat pulls away, Galad bleakly tells them to stay clear of Rand. He will break the world again before he is done.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Another earlier Age reference.
[#2] Apparently what they did was enough as Moghedien finds them.
[#3] The refugees include Areina, Nicola, Marigan and her two "sons," Seve and Jaril. (TFoH,Ch49)

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