TFoH: Pale Shadows

Rand POV#

After Egwene leaves, Rand talks with Asmodean. Lanfear's shield is still in effect. Rand cannot see it, of course, and Asmodean says it is inverted so a woman could not see it either. Rand asks him if he would ever turn back. Asmodean says any of the Forsaken but Lanfear would kill him on sight. He would give himself to Semirhage before he would face the Great Lord for betrayal. He says Lanfear wants Rand trained, but not fully. She wants to be the stronger this time. He thinks Rand and Lanfear planned to trap him. Asmodean explains that men cannot link without a woman. It balances that men, on average, are stronger. Strength is not exactly additive on Linking. Nevertheless, thirteen weak women linked can overwhelm any man. Asmodean has spent some time in Arad Doman.[1] Asmodean suggests using Moiraine or Egwene to link, but Rand dismisses the idea. Rand asks again about the Forsaken and Asmodean again tells what he knows. Sammael is in Illian. Graendal was in Arad Doman for a time. Moghedien is somewhere in the west. Rahvin has a queen for a pet.[2] Asmodean does not know where the others may be. Semirhage has some disgusting amusements. Demandred went over because of his envy of Lews Therin. Asmodean went over for immortality. Rand asks Asmodean what his chances are at the Last Battle. Asmodean mentions something Rand found in the plaza. Rand says he destroyed it.[3] Asmodean then says the Dark One will consume him alive. Asmodean says he will kill himself before he goes mad from the taint on saidin. Rand muses on removing the taint.[4] Five Maidens including Adelin and Enaila arrive to escort Rand back to his rooms. Rand asks where Joinde is. Adelin tells Rand that Joinde of the Black Rock Shaarad has made a bridal wreath for Garan of the Jhirad Goshien.[5] He was her gai'shain. Rand attributes the number of marriages to his ta'veren effect. Rand weaves a shield of Spirit and Fire around the room. It will prevent Asmodean from leaving. He leaves, followed by the Maidens.

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Mat POV#

Mat is in the streets of Rhuidean, drinking oosquai, singing and dancing with a crowd of Aiel and Kadere's men. He realizes one of his songs was last sung in Aldeshar before it fell to Artur Hawkwing. He has been playing a knife throwing game with two Aiel, Corman and Jenric. They want to quit but Mat proceeds to hit the target blindfolded. One of Kadere's men comments on his luck and Mat says in the Old Tongue, "Sene sovya caba'donde ain dovienya" ("Luck is a horse to ride like any other.)" Mat considers his new memories.[6] He remembers attacking Trollocs at Maighande and dancing in the court of Tarmandewin. He has his ashandarei and the foxhead medallion with him. One of the Maidens watching, Melindhra of the Jumai Shaido takes an intense interest in Mat.[7] Mat gives her an elaborate necklace and Melindhra accepts it. Mat sees Rand with several Maidens and joins them. He is cautious around Adelin and Enaila because of previous confrontations. He tells Rand that he plans to leave with Moiraine and Kadere. Rand does not try to dissuade him, but warns not to trust Kadere. Mat thinks about Rand, Perrin and himself being ta'veren. He has learned all he can about ta'veren such as Artur Hawkwing and Mabriam en Shereed who founded the Compact of the Ten Nations. Melindhra rejoins him. He asks her if she ever heard of the Daughter of the Nine Moons. She says no. Melindhra whispers in his ear and they go off together grinning.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] What was he doing there? Was he involved in some way with Graendal?
[#2] Queen Morgase of Andor.
[#3] Rand actually has the two control statue ter'angreal hidden in his bedroom at the Roof of the Maidens. (TFoH,Ch6)
[#4] This is the first hint of things to come. How to cleanse saidin was one of Rand's questions to the Aelfinn. (TSR,Ch15)
[#5] This is particularly surprising because of the blood feud between the Goshien and the Shaarad.
[#6] The Aelfinn and Eelfinn accumulated these memories over the centuries from previous visitors via the twisted red doorways and the Tower of Ghenjei. (Glimmers Q&A)
[#7] This meeting is probably not accidental. (TFoH,Ch51)

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