TPoD: Gathering Clouds

Rand POV#

Rand, riding Tai'daishar, and six thousand men prepare to Travel. Jak Masond leads the Legion of the Dragon. Gedwyn and Rochaid lead the Asha'man including Flinn, Dashiva, Adley, Hopwil, Morr and Narishma. Rand remembers as a boy hearing that rain in sunshine meant the Dark One was beating Semirhage. Cenn Buie would scoff. Lews Therin tells him nothing makes Semirhage weep. Sunamon, Semaradrid, Marcolin and Tihera are angry that they have only six thousand men. To face the Seanchan they want a much larger army as in Artur Hawkwing's day. Weiramon does not like taking orders from Bashere. Ailil and Anaiyella complain about being taken into battle. They have heard he has a soft spot for women even though rumor has him killing Morgase, Elayne and Colavaere. One of the Dedicated, grizzled with a countryman's face and a Tairen beard, looks familiar to Rand.[1] Rand worries that he is becoming paranoid like Benly Coplin.

The Asha'man open nine gateways into the Venir Mountains in Altara. The Asha'man continue to Travel short distances searching for Seanchan forces. They pass the statue seen in the cover art; Bashere thinks it was a queen of Shiota. It is too worn for Eharon. An archer tries to kill Rand, but misses. Saidin is so foul here that Rand pukes. Gedwyn and Rochaid fry the archer who turns out to be Eagan Padros with thirty Tar Valon crowns in his pocket. Flinn and Narishma ride up. Flinn is now stronger than Gedwyn or Rochaid and Narishma is not far behind. An Asha'man returns to report the first sighting of Seanchan.

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Assid Bakuu POV#

Assid Bakuun, a soldier for thirty years, surveys his camp. He has a wolfhound, Nip. At the sul'dam's tent Nerith is braiding her damane's hair.[2] The damane are recovering from their illness now that they are away from Ebou Dar. His First Lieutentant, Tiras, brings a message, delivered by raken, that there is a large force ten miles to the east. He missed the end of the Consolidation by two hundred years, but he remembers quelling a rebellion in Marendalar. He orders the camp struck so they can move into the hills.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This sounds like the same man that Rand sees at the Black Tower in LoC,Ch42. He is Donalo Sandomere. (WH,Prologue)
[#2] Her name is Gille. (TPoD,Ch23)

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