KoD: Under an Oak

Furyk Karede POV#

Furyk Karede rides Aldazar through the trees toward the Malvide Narrows, a couple of leagues away. The road from Ebou Dar to Lugard is a mile south. Ajimbura found the camp where Tuon is held. Karede and Musenge think his plan is a long shot. Karede brought a small party, Ajimbura, a couple of Guards, Hartha and a couple of Gardeners, Melitene and Mylen. The rest stayed behind with Musenge in case the camp is a trap. Karede shudders when he thinks of Healing touching him, but he wonders if it could have saved Kalia. They enter the camp and note there are only seven or eight thousand, not enough to do the damage described by Gamel Loune. A man rides up and introduces himself as Talmanes Delovinde. He recognizes the Deathwatch Guard armor from Mat's description. Karede asks to speak with Thom Merrilin. Talmanes takes him to an oak where several people are relaxing.[1] He recognizes Setalle Anan from The Wandering Woman. She recognizes him and he wonders if the plot is even more intricate than the Seeker thought.[2] He thinks a woman in another group of four is Egeanin Tamarath.[3] Talmanes introduces Karede and Thom. Three Aes Sedai calling themselves Joline, Teslyn and Edesina rush up. They recognize Mylen as someone called Sheraine. Tuon and Selucia ride up with a young man, Tylin's Toy.[4] Ajimbura is gone to report to Musenge. Taking his gamble, Karede addresses Thom telling him that General Chisen is returning to the Malvide Narrows and will be here in two days. If he releases Tuon, Karede will let them go so they can be through the mountains into the Molvaine Gap and avoid destruction. Thom points Karede to Mat as the general. Mat says Chisen is actually five days away heading the wrong direction, but that is not important. He asked Karede if he can safely return Tuon to the Tarasin Palace. Karede is stunned. They both know most of the Seanchan army is trying to kill Tuon. Mat then asks Tuon if she trusts Karede. She says she trusts him more than anyone and asks if he still has her doll.[5] He says he lost it in the fire at Sohima. She commiserates with him on the loss of his wife and son. He is overwhelmed that she kept up with him. Mat tells Karede to take Tuon and Selucia. At that point Tuon announces three times that Mat is her husband, completing the ceremony. Karede is shocked to his boots.

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Mat POV#

Mat is shocked to his boots. The dice stopped. He asks her why, she does not act like she is in love with him. Tuon is surprised. The Blood marry for politics, not love. She asks how he knew she would complete the ceremony. He briefly tells her about the Aelfinn and Eelfinn and the twisted red doorway. She does not believe him but Edesina confirms it. She tells Mat about the Foretelling from Lidya:[6]

Beware the fox that makes the ravens fly, for he will marry you and carry you away.
Beware the man who remembers Hawkwing's face, for he will marry you and set you free.
Beware the man of the red hand, for him you will marry and none other.

His ring shows a fox startling two ravens and nine crescent moons.[7] He remembers Hawkwing's face.[8] He leads the Band of the Red Hand. He carried her away.[9] Freeing her to go back to Ebou Dar was the last part. Vanin rides up with news that there are ten thousand soldiers nearby. There is a hundred thousand crown reward for killing Tuon. Mat tells Karede to go on, but leave some Deathwatch Guards and Gardeners so the soldiers will think Tuon is still with him.

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Tuon POV#

Tuon and Selucia pack lightly. Tuon takes the silk rosebud cluster. She only says goodbye to Mistress Anan. She thinks she might come to love Mat. The Empress supposedly loved her father. Back in the Deathwatch Guard camp, she announces that she has removed the veil. She is once again the Daughter of the Nine Moons. Karede proudly says that if they die, they will die as who they are.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The others include Thom, Aludra, Noal and Olver.
[#2] Karede and the Seeker were convinced that Tuon was abducted as part of a plot by the Aes Sedai, that High Lady Suroth was involved and that Thom is their head spy. He thinks they are taking her to the White Tower.
[#3] The other three with her are Domon, Juilin and Amathera.
[#4] They are riding Akein, Rosebud and Pips.
[#5] Emela (CoT,Ch4)
[#6] From WH,Ch14.
[#7] The ring he bought in Ebou Dar. (ACoS,Ch14)
[#8] She asked if he remembers Hawkwing's face. It was obvious to her that he lied when he denied it. (CoT,Ch3)
[#9] When he kidnapped her during the escape from Ebou Dar. (WH,Ch31)

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