KoD: A Cup of Kaf

Furyk Karede POV#

Furyk Karede has searched for Tuon for nearly four weeks and is now at a camp in north central Altara. Many Seanchan troops believe the rumor that Deathwatch Guards have a fake High Lady so they do not cooperate. The Deathwatch Guards are da'covale to the Empress herself. Ajimbura killed one soldier who insulted Karede. Karede left him in the forest with the sul'dam and damane. He has eighty men and twenty-one Ogier with him. Most of the raken were sent west for some reason.[1]

Karede leaves Captain Musenge and Hartha in charge of the men and enters the command tent. When Ogier fight they are as cold as deep winter in Jeranem. The officers in the tent are from many parts of Seanchan, Khoweal, Dalenshar, N'Kon, Mechoacan, or Alqam. Banner-General Gamel Loune sends out the rest of the officers. His manservant Mantual, from Pujili, enters and serves kaf, a fine Ijaz Mountains brew.

After he leaves, Gamel Loune reluctantly tells Karede the situation. His forces have been constantly harassed the last week by an unknown army. Men are torn apart by explosions. They must have Asha'man or Aes Sedai, yet the damane say they were not caused by the One Power.[2] Gurat fell into a trap and lost several banners of men. Whoever leads the opposition is very, very good. Karede wonders if Thom Merrilin is actually Agelmar Jagad or Gareth Bryne.[3] He plans to make the best use of Suroth's involvement. General Chisen is bringing his entire army from the Malvide Narrows to help.[4] Karede thanks him for his time and for the kaf and leaves. Karede tells Musenge and Hartha that they will head northeast for the Malvide Narrows, four days away.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Suroth's orders to pacify Tarabon and capture Ituralde. (KoD,Prologue)
[#2] Mat's doing. He has modified Aludra's fireworks into hand grenades thrown with slings. (KoD,Ch36)
[#3] Karede is convinced that Tuon was abducted as part of a plot by the Aes Sedai, that High Lady Suroth was involved and that Thom is their head spy. He thinks they are taking her to the White Tower.
[#4] Exactly according to Mat's plan. (KoD,Ch27)

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