LoC: Summoned in Haste

Egwene POV#

After her close call with the White Tower Aes Sedai in the Sun Palace Egwene stays away from the palace. The whole city is in turmoil over Rand's presence even though he stays only one day. Amys and Sorilea are furious and Berelain has virtually gone into hiding.[1] Only Rhuarc behaves normally. Three Shaido Wise Ones, Therava, Emerys and Sevanna arrive. Therava and Emerys say that Sevanna is a Wise One[2] so by custom they are welcome in the Wise Ones' tents, but their presence increases the tension. Amys, Malindhe and Cosain are clearly unhappy. Sevanna watches Egwene a lot. Two days later Aeron talks three Maidens into sneaking into Lady Arilyn's palace. The Aes Sedai catch them and beat them. The Wise Ones are particularly hard on Surandha and the other apprentices. Egwene meets Gawyn at The Long Man every morning. On the third day Egwene goes to visit Sea Folk ship. The Windfinder[3] dumps her back in the river. Two others give her a message to tell the other that you are all refused passage.[4] In anger she dumps them in the river, too. The fifth night after Rand leaves, Bair accompanies Egwene to Tel'aran'rhiod as a test. The next night Amys does the same. On the seventh night, Egwene prepares for the meeting with Salidar Aes Sedai. She wishes she could talk to Nynaeve and Elayne beforehand, but she is certain that the Dream of breaking objects[5] means that things will go badly wrong if she does. She goes to sleep.

Egwene is in the Heart of the Stone where Amys and Bair are already waiting. Sheriam arrives with Anaiya, Beonin, Carlinya, Morvrin and Myrelle. Egwene recognizes the young woman with them as the one she has seen before in Tel'aran'rhiod. She is astounded when they call her Siuan. The Aes Sedai summon Egwene to come to Salidar as fast as possible. Siuan creates a map showing her the way. Egwene is terrified, thinking that they found out she was masquerading as Aes Sedai. She says she will come as quickly as possible, but it is a long way. The Aes Sedai ask the Wise Ones to teach her to Travel through Tel'aran'rhiod in the flesh. The Wise Ones refuse, saying it is evil.[6] Egwene says she thinks that she has figured out how to do it and will try. The Aes Sedai disappear and Egwene steps out of the dream back to her body.

Back in her tent she wakes and begins packing.

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Rand POV#

Rand steps out from behind a column. He is on one of his occasional visits to the Heart of the Stone to look at Callandor. He first came back to invert the weaves of his traps after Asmodean taught him how. By the Prophecies of the Dragon, whoever draws it will "follow after" him.[7] He now knows where the Salidar Aes Sedai are, that Elayne is there and that Egwene is going. He Travels back to the Royal Palace.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Because of Rand shouting at them in LoC,Ch28.
[#2] We learn some more about acceptance of Wise Ones in TGS,Ch26.
[#3] She is Taval din Chanai Nine Gulls (ACoS,Ch34)
[#4] The Windfinder naturally assumes that Egwene is Aes Sedai and so refuses her passage. The other is Erian who tried to board in LoC,Ch27.
[#5] (LoC,Ch27)
[#6] This may just be the Wise Ones' opinion. There is no clear evidence of harm coming from it. However, Rand grows increasingly hard as time passes.
[#7] (TSR,Ch21)

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