KoD: A Stave and a Razor

Mat POV#

Mat is with Valan Luca and Latelle early the morning after Renna's death. The dice started rolling again in Mat's head. Luca plans to stay at Jurador two more days but Mat wants to leave for Lugard. Mat leaves Luca's wagon. He passes Petra and Clarine warming up their acts. He walks to Jurador. There are no dead people on the road today. They must surely have something to do with Tarmon Gai'don and Rand. Colors swirl and he sees Rand and Min kissing.[1] In town Mat buys a stave of black yew to carve a longbow. It only grows in the Two Rivers. He visits stables looking for a horse. In a stable next to an inn called The Twelve Salt Wells he negotiates with the owner Toke Fearnim. Grooms Adela and Hurd show him horses. Mat buys a razor, a very fine black-and-white horse from Arad Doman.[2] She is even finer than Pips. Mat's father[3] taught him how to bargain. Back at the circus Aludra takes delivery of barrels of fireworks ingredients. Mat is still thinking on her need for a bellfounder.

Mat leaves the stave in the wagon he shares with Egeanin and Domon and goes to Tuon's wagon. Mistress Anan is not there but Tuon, Noal, Olver and Selucia are. Noal tells stories about the Ayyad. Mat does not like the influence Vanin, Harnan and the other Redarms have on Olver. He still enjoys Snakes and Foxes. Mat enjoys being with Tuon and thinks she is beautiful. Lopin and Nerim try to keep his clothes clean. Mat begins calling Tuon "Precious" to counter her calling him "Toy". Mat asks Noal if he is related to Jain Charin. Noal freezes then says he was a cousin.[4] Olver's favorite book is The Travels of Jain Farstrider. Olver stays in a tent with Juilin and Thera. Noal says he was a fool who went on adventures while his wife died of fever. "He let himself be made into a tool by—" and then his face goes blank.[5] Olver recalls that Jain Charin captured Cowin Gemallan after he betrayed Malkier to the Shadow. Juilin enters and reports that Seanchan soldiers have arrived.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] These images are becoming clearer and stronger.
[#2] Tuon will name the horse Akein, Swallow in the Old Tongue.
[#3] Abell Cauthon
[#4] Virtual proof that he really is Jain Farstrider.
[#5] Blocked memory of something Ishamael did to him. (TEotW,Ch42, TEotW,Ch51)

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