CoT: A Fan of Colors

Mat POV#

Domon, Egeanin, Olver, Juilin and Thera stare as Mat reacts to the dice. Mat shrugs it off and decides to go to see Tuon. He has not talked to her since they escaped.

On the way he passes two men fighting over a seamstress Jameine. Petra separates them. They have been holding Selucia and Tuon with the story that they are disloyal servants. Setalle and the Redarms guard them. Luca and his wife know the truth, but they needed a cover for everyone else. Harnan and Metwyn already have the wagon hitched.

Tuon is angry at being portrayed as a servant and insists on calling him "Toy." Mat asks Tuon's age. She is nineteen years and seven months old. She asks where his ring is; he does not wear it all the time. She asks if he remembers Hawkwing's face and Selucia stares at him.[1] Mat remembers Hawkwing defeating Culain in Aldeshar, but he lies, saying no. She promises not to try to escape and quotes the bargain phrase on his ashandarei. He shakes her hand to seal the bargain and the dice stop. This is the third time they have stopped in her presence.

Thom knocks and enters, bringing news from Ebou Dar. Rumor has Tuon in the Tarasin Palace. Her disappearance is kept secret because it would be a very bad omen for the Return. Tylin was killed the night they left, her head torn off. Beslan will be crowned soon. The Seanchan blame her death on Aes Sedai, but Mat is certain it was the gholam. Tuon seems touched that Mat is so upset, but when he describes the gholam she chides him for believing in myths.[2] Blaeric arrives with a summons from Joline. He goes to the wagon where Fen Mizar waits. Joline, Teslyn and Edesina share the wagon with Bethamin, Renna and Seta. They are nearly at each others' throats. They have planned to head for Lugard, but Joline wants to take a ferry across the harbor and go to Illian instead. They sense tremendous channeling to the north.[3] The colors swirl in Mat's head even though he did not think of Rand or Perrin. He gets a brief image of a man and a woman facing each other and knows the channeling is Rand's doing.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The image on the ring, a fox startling ravens among nine crescent moons, and remembering Hawkwing's face are key components of Lidya's Foretelling. (WH,Ch14, KoD,Ch36)
[#2] The Seanchan killed off all Shadowspawn on their continent centuries ago and now believe they are myth.
[#3] The cleansing of the taint. (WH,Ch35)

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