CoT: Time to Be Gone

Mat POV#

A wind rises in the Rhannon Hills and blows northwest across the harbor of Ebou Dar and the mouth of the Eldar River. After leaving the Tarasin Palace, Mat arrives at the city gate with Egeanin, Bayle Domon, Vanin, Blaeric, Fen and Selucia.[1] The others with him include three sul'dam and damane.[2] Tuon is hidden in a bundle across his saddle. Egeanin's cloak bears an eagle with spread black-and-white wings.[3] A sul'dam and damane with the guards check the party for marath'damane, but Mat's foxhead medallion does not go cold. He can feel the dice spinning.[4] As the guards talk to Egeanin, alarm bells sound in the city. The Windfinders jumped the gun.[5] The guards hurriedly urge them through the gate and the dice stop.[4] A fierce battle ensues in the city. Many Seanchan ships are destroyed by the Windfinders and hundreds of Sea Folk are killed or captured and later hung.

Six days later, Mat's party is hiding with a show[6] camped near the Great North Road north of the Circuit of Heaven.[7] Mat is with Noal at the Eldar River. He is catching fish to make a stew he had in Shara. Mat is trying to count Seanchan ships left in the harbor. He recalls a naval battle between Fergansea and Moreina. Egeanin shows up; she is angry that they left the camp. She is going by the name Leilwin.[8] Mat asks her again if Suroth will torture the escaped damane who were recaptured. She replies that they are property of the Empress and too valuable to harm. Her own damane, Serrisa, cost her a fortune. She is still in Cantorin. The three of them head back to the camp. Mat is sure there are arrest warrants for him for tying up Tylin and for Egeanin for stealing damane, but all is quiet about Tuon's disappearance. Egeanin says it is a cover up. As they cross the Great North Road they note lots of emigrants heading north and merchants heading south. A troop of soldiers heads north. Their banner is a stylized anchor or arrowhead crossed by an arrow and a lightning bolt. Egeanin says they are ship's archers. They hurry across the road and head back to camp.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The setting for the scene begins at the riverbank six days after their escape. Mat recalls the escape from Ebou Dar in flashback.
[#2] The sul'dam are Renna, Seta, and Bethamin. The damane are Joline, Teslyn and Edesina. Noal, Harnan, Setalle, Thom, Juilin and Amathera are also with them. (WH,Ch30, WH,Ch31)
[#3] The bird is a Seanchan black mountain eagle. Suroth has a painted panel depicting the same creature. (TSR,Ch1, ACoS,Ch26)
[#4] Is this just an indication that they were at risk of being discovered or something else?
[#5] After Mat freed her, Nestelle din Sakura South Star agreed to wait three hours before starting to free the other Windfinders. (WH,Ch31)
[#6] Valan Luca's circus.
[#7] Rejoining Olver, Nerim, Lopin, Metwyn, Fergin and Gorderan along the way. (WH,Ch30)
[#8] Leilwin was the name of the Taraboner noblewoman that Floran Gelb accidentally abducted and Egeanin shipped off to Seanchan. (TSR,Ch38)

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