ACoS: A Pair of Silverpike

Egwene POV#

Siuan and Leane enter her tent separately. Siuan says Sheriam, Anaiya, Morvrin and the others will be trying get around Egwene's hold on them. Siuan and Leane pretend to hate each other so they can work more effectively. Egwene tells them about Moghedien's escape. Siuan stayed Blue Ajah but Leane changed to Green Ajah. Egwene thinks of her supporters as Siuan, Leane, Faolain, Theodrin, Nynaeve, Elayne, and Birgitte. After Egwene, Romanda and Lelaine are the strongest Aes Sedai in Salidar, as strong as Siuan was. Siuan throws things at Bryne when she gets angry.

Egwene thinks that now she can pass on more of Moghedien's secrets: weaving disguises, cloaking ability to channel. They already passed on Traveling. She tells Leane to tell Faolain and Theodrin to ask around camp if anyone has seen a strange man.

Egwene offers intervention with Bryne, but Siuan will not accept; she will work off her own debt. Chesa says her headaches come from too little sleep. They leave and Egwene goes for a walk. It is Selame's job to undress Egwene for bed. She passes a roped off area where Aes Sedai gate back and forth to Salidar, five hundred miles southwest. Egwene figured out Traveling on her own, but Moghedien taught her Skimming. Skimming was not even known as a lost Talent. Traveling from a new camp would take half the night to learn the area, more for some. She thinks these Talents will help them take back the White Tower from Elaida.

She worries that they have not heard anything from Merana and the Caemlyn embassy. The day they left Salidar, Sheriam got a message from Merana in Caemlyn - They met Rand. Taim and the Asha'man are there. Verin and Alanna joined them with the Two Rivers girls. Alanna formed an "attachment" to Rand. Egwene does not know what that means and does not trust Alanna. She thinks Rand was overbearing to Coiren. There have been no more messages since.[1]

Egwene has heard from the Wise Ones that Rand and the embassy are now in Cairhien, but they will not say any more. She thinks she should go to Rand to straighten things out. She runs into Leane who tells her about passing on the order to Theodrin and Faolain. Romanda and Lelaine actually agree that she cannot go to Rand because Tower law prohibits the Amyrlin from doing something dangerous without the lesser consensus. Egwene and Leane worry that Rand believes that Alviarin is his friend.[2] Leane leaves. There are lots of cats in the camp, but no dogs.

Nicola Treehill and Areina Nermasiv approach Egwene. Tiana Noselle is the Salidar Aes Sedai Mistress of Novices. Nicola has great potential, almost as much as Egwene "picking up weaves as if she already knew them."[3] She has two Talents, seeing ta'veren and Foretelling. Areina is a Hunters of the Horn. On the way to Salidar, they overheard Thom and Juilin say Nynaeve and Elayne were pretending to be Aes Sedai. They try to blackmail Egwene to train Nicola faster, but Egwene blasts them and they take off.

More Egwene POV

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] So they have no idea that Rand was kidnapped and Merana's embassy is now run by Kiruna and Bera and is sworn to Rand.
[#2] He does. (LoC,Ch27)
[#3] Nicola is simply willful and precocious. This is likely just due to the extra lessons she is blackmailing out of Myrelle and Nisao. (ACoS,Ch12)

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