ACoS: The Triumph of Logic

Mat POV#

He goes back to The Wandering Woman where his men Harnan, Corevin and Vanin are waiting. Corevin is being bandaged after a fight. There is a serving girl Leral. They report that Nalesean was there, but they have not seen Thom or Juilin. Olver is back in the stable. Mat orders Vanin to check out the Chelsaine Palace near the Three Towers Gate. They report a bubble of evil fog in the Rahad that mangled people. A serving girl Caira says an Illuminator is looking for Mat.[1] Mat is also looking for an Illuminator.[2] He goes upstairs and is attacked by two men. He kills them. Nerim helps clean up. Setalle and Jasfer Anan say the men just checked in with a big chest, they were passing through on their way to Nor Chasen, a village to the east. Mat's dice do not stop. Setalle mentions a friend of hers, Elynde. Mat finds a note in his pocket. It says that "Elayne and Nynaeve are pushing too far. They are still in danger from the Tower. Warn them to be careful, or they will be kneeling to Elaida." It is written on very fine snowy white paper.[3] Mat thinks only Joline and Teslyn were close enough to leave the note but that makes no sense.

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Joline Maza POV#

Her Warder are Blaeric and Fen. She thinks their only hope against the Dark One is a boy who is running wild.[4] She and Teslyn are equals, but Teslyn overwhelms many. Merilille and Teslyn both taught when she was novice, but Merilille is now lower. Joline is loyal to the White Tower, not Elaida. Teslyn says Elaida called Joline a child. Joline is incensed, as she is older than Elaida's mother. Teslyn wants to take Elayne, Nynaeve, Mat, and Aviendha to Elaida. Teslyn intentionally delayed reporting to Elaida to show independence. What Joline really wants to do is wait till Elaida screws up and is deposed, too. She thinks Elaida is angry about Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve mainly because they are stronger than she.

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Falion POV#

She is with Ispan of the Blue Ajah, questioning a woman with a red belt. Ispan is squeamish and will not participate. Falion wishes she had Temaile to help. Temaile is very good at questioning, but enjoys it too much. They are too rough and the woman dies. They have two thugs, Arnin and Nad, with them and are working for Moghedien. Falion who is White Ajah does not like Ispan. She prefers working with other Whites like Rianna. They are looking for the *angreal stash and they know other Darkfriends are looking, too. She wonders why they have not heard from Moghedien, not even in Tel'aran'rhiod. Callie, the Wise Woman, was kicked out of the White Tower four years ago. When she left she tried to steal a ter'angreal which only makes images of flowers and the sound of a waterfall. Falion is good at persuasion. She taught novice classes in the White Tower. Falion suggests kidnapping Nynaeve and Elayne. Ispan wants to kill them.

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Noal POV#

He is watching a white three-story house where two Aes Sedai are staying.[5] It is the home of a goldsmith.[6] The two thugs Arnin and Nad are there. He has missing memories. He is the old guy Mat spotted who followed Lady Shiaine from the racetrack. He has had two long knives over thirty years. He knows there is something important that he has to remember.[7]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This must be Aludra. (TPoD,Ch1, WH,Ch15)
[#2] This may have to do with Egwene's Dream about him and an Illuminator.
[#3] Teslyn slipped him the note. She is still so furious with Elaida that she will do anything to disrupt Elaida's plans. (WH,Ch19)
[#4] This clearly demonstrates that Joline is not Black Ajah.
[#5] Falion and Ispan
[#6] This goldsmith is almost certainly a Darkfriend. There are at least three goldsmiths from Ebou Dar now with Elayne in Caemlyn, Famelle Juarde, Ivara and Jillien.
[#7] It now seems near certain that the old man going under the name Noal is actually Jain Farstrider.

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