WH: The Hummingbird's Secret

Nynaeve POV#

Waiting down the street, Nynaeve sees a hundred guards rush past and gather at the bootmaker's shop. The jeweled belt is now less than half full of saidar. Just as she starts to do something foolish, Cadsuane and Alivia grab her arms. Min is with them. Cadsuane is angry, telling Nynaeve that the Counsels are in a panic after detecting saidar being used within the city. As they drag Nynaeve away, Cadsuane says she will somehow help Rand and Lan.

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Rand POV#

Rand wakes in pain in a dark cell. Lews Therin howls at being caged again. Rand knows that they will hand him over to Elaida, but it might take months. Hardening himself, Rand lists the women who died because of him, Moiraine Damodred, Colavaere Saighan, Liah of the Cosaida Chareen, Jendhilin of the Cold Peak Miagoma who died guarding his door...

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Cadsuane POV#

That night, Cadsuane arrives at the Hall of the Counsels with Merise, Corele, Daigian, Kumira, Eben, Damer, Jahar, Nynaeve, Min and Alivia. Min and Nynaeve complain until Cadsuane puts them in their place. She wishes that Nynaeve had been taught more, particularly about enduring what must be endured. Cadsuane learned that lesson in the Black Hills from a toothless wilder shortly after she was raised to the shawl.[1]

Cadsuane barges into a closed meeting of the Counsels. She hopes that she can accomplish what she needs to without disrupting their government. Cadsuane asks Aleis Barsalla to release Rand, but she refuses saying she will wait to hear from Tar Valon. Cadsuane then notes that the three men with her are Asha'man. They step forward looking very fierce. The Counsels, particularly Cyprien, Sybaine and Cumere Powys, look abashed. Aleis, however, still refuses. Resorting to her final weapon, Cadsuane reminds her that the guardian detected someone channeling inside the city, the she draws from her own Well, the golden hummingbird in her hair, and lifts the crown from Aleis' head. Nynaeve then sets it back on her head. Aleis is thoroughly shaken and agrees to release Rand. Seeing the looks of the other Counsels, Cadsuane knows that Aleis is through as First Counsel. She adds that to the account she is building because of Rand.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] That must have been interesting! Her name was Norla. (CoT,Ch23)

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