WH: Blue Carp Street

Min POV#

In their room, Min is furious with Rand, saying even a half-blind goat in Seleisin has more sense than to walk into a trap. He is adamant about his mission to kill Gedwyn and Torval even if it is a trap. She thinks about using the strap Mistress Keene has in every room. Nynaeve, Lan and Alivia enter. Nynaeve wears only two pieces of jewelry, a bracelet with red stones and the jeweled belt. Rand, Lan and Nynaeve leave to take care of business. They leave Alivia behind to make sure Min does not follow. Alivia reminds Min of her Aunt Rana. Min convinces Alivia that Rand is doing something foolish and they both leave to find Cadsuane.

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Rand POV#

Rand scouts Zeram's house on Blue Carp Street while Lan and Nynaeve wait down the street. Rand buys a meat pie and asks the street vendor about Zeram. The vendor says Zeram's wife, Milsa rents out the top floor of their house. Lews Therin comments that he used to like meat pies. After a while, Rand sees Gedwyn and Torval enter. Lan and Nynaeve walk up. Nynaeve says the bracelet with red stones covers her with armor better than steel. They go back to the alley and Nynaeve uses the jeweled belt to lift Rand and Lan to the roof. They enter the attic via a trapdoor. They find another trapdoor and drop down into a storage room.

They find Gedwyn and Torval dead, their bodies black and swollen. Rand realizes it was Fain and the wound in his side throbs. They open to door to the next room where Fain and Toram Riatin are waiting. Fain orders Toram Riatin to kill Lan, then focuses on Rand. Rand holds him off with his sword and Fain flees down the stairs. As Rand starts to follow, he sees a vision of Gedwyn and Torval climbing up.[1] Gedwyn says they will not go near him until they know where the others are. "The M'Hael will kill us if..."[2] Rand slashes through the visions and slashes the side of Fain's face. Fain shrieks and flees down the stairs.[3] Lan comes over, having dispatched Toram Riatin, and tells Rand that guards are coming.[4] They go back to the roof. Lan slips, Rand grabs his hand and they both fall to the alley below.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Some have speculated that Gedwyn and Torval are the first appearance of ghosts but Robert Jordan has confirmed that Fain has the ability to create illusions from the recent past as also demonstrated in TGH,Ch10.
[#2] Rand apparently does not catch this comment, or assumes it just means that Taim will kill them as traitors if he catches them.
[#3] Fain escapes, but it will be a while before we see him again.
[#4] Sent by the Counsels in response to the guardian's alarm when Nynaeve lifted Rand and Lan to the roof. (WH,Ch34)

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