TGH: The Hunt Begins

Rand POV#

Ingtar leads as the party rides south with Hurin pointing the way. Uno is second in command.[1] Mat and Perrin are still mad at Rand. They ride some and run some. Loial says he was the fastest runner in Stedding Shangtai.

When they stop for the night, Rand discovers Moiraine had only fancy clothes packed for him. Uno is much older than Ingtar. Masema fought the Aiel at Ankor Dail and hates Rand because of his looks. Ingtar admires the Aiel. They were the only ones to defeat Artur Hawkwing. Loial again reminds Rand of the Aiel battle motto.

The next morning they find a camp with signs of thirty or forty. There are human bones indicating what the Trollocs had for dinner. The trail heads northeast for an hour, then back south.[2] For two days they follow a zigzag trail, each day finding a body. They come to the Erinin River and an abandoned village. They think the Trollocs took the people for food.[3] Uno spots a woman in white, but then cannot find her.[4] Ragan and Masema cross the river to scout. On the other side they find Changu and Nidao skinned. Now the trail runs continuously south.[5] They are three or four days north of the field of Talidar where Hawkwing defeated a Trolloc army. There used to be a huge monument there. They pass the site of Harad Dakar, the capital of Hardan, abandoned three hundred years ago. Ingtar mentions other old nations: Maredo, Goaban Caralain, Mar Haddon, Almoth and Kintara. Later, they find another village, also abandoned. Rand enters a house, sees visions of what happened and feels cold. He embraces the void and the spell seems to break.[6] Uno spots the woman in white again. They find a Fade nailed to a door.[7] They ride south again.

Category Rand POV

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Actually Rand is second, per Agelmar's and Moiraine's orders. He is not to be told until they are south of the Erinin River.
[#2] Fain losing and regaining control of the Fade. (TGH,Ch11)
[#3] Actually, it was already empty. No clue as to why. (TGH,Ch11)
[#4] The first appearance of Lanfear.
[#5] Fain is now completely in control.
[#6] During the Knife of Dreams signing tour Robert Jordan disclosed that this was a trap set by Padan Fain. Rand channeled to escape it. Fain exhibits this ability to create illusions from the recent past again in Far Madding. (WH,Ch33)
[#7] Fain's work. (TGH,Ch11)

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