ToM: A Reunion

Elayne POV#

Elayne wakes after a bad night. Her dream message from Egwene confirmed that Mesaana was defeated. She spent a night of frustration trying to channel enough for the dream ter'angreal but failed. She is further angry that Gawyn left and Birgitte did not let him bid farewell. Every bellfounder in Andor is making dragons.

Melfane stops in to check on her. Her cousin Tess had a baby two years ago. Melfane can finally hear two heartbeats, confirming twins. Melfane leaves, sending in Naris and Sephanie to dress Elayne.

An hour later Norry and Dyelin arrive. Despite the Kin gateways Caemlyn is running short of food. Arawn, Sarand and Marne cannot pay the ransoms for the prisoners.[1] There is a letter from Talmanes agreeing to move companies of the Band of the Red Hand to Cairhien. Dyelin and Elayne discuss how to take the Sun Throne without creating animosity. They would accept Rand because he was the Dragon Reborn, but Elayne already has plots against her. Elayne is still worried about the invasion. Dyelin thinks Chesmal must have meant Trollocs in the Borderlands, not Andor,[2] but Birgitte is fortifying Andor's borders.

Birgitte enters with two surprise visitors, Galad and Morgase. Morgase bows and Elayne figures that she renounced the throne. Morgase says she was held by the Whitecloaks. Pedron Niall was a gentleman but his successor[3] was not. Galad informs her that he is now the Lord Captain Commander. She sends him to his old quarters with a dinner invitation as Dyelin and Norry also leave.

Morgase is immensely proud of what Elayne accomplished. Morgase can see that she is pregnant and is shocked to learn that Rand is the father. They talk about how Morgase may need to make reparations to those she harmed under Rahvin's influence. Elayne insists on having a celebration for her return, but agrees that it would be best to find a station for Morgase away from Caemlyn. Morgase tells Elayne about Perrin and wants to find a peaceful resolution with him. Morgase also says that Lini is safe then begins to tell her tale.

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Aviendha POV#

Aviendha looks down on the city of Rhuidean. Rand changed the city in three ways. The fog is gone, there is now water, and, most important, the city may not matter anymore. Why should Aiel leaders continue to learn of their past and their toh if they are finally meeting that toh? She is still troubled about her meeting with Nakomi and the almost-memories of her future from her first trip here. The lake beside the city is called Tsodrelle'Aman. Tears of the Dragon. The Aiel cannot return to the Three-fold Land yet. They must deal with the Last Battle, the Seanchan and the White Tower first. She knows her own future is with Rand. She will enter the glass columns tomorrow and she hopes that she will get answers.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] To ransom Naean, Elenia and Arymilla.
[#2] We learn more about the invasion in ToM,Epilogue.
[#3] Eamon Valda

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