ToM: An Empty Ink Bottle

Min POV #

Min is with Nynaeve in the Stone of Tear. Rand has been gone three days. Min knows something wonderful happened to him but Nynaeve is frantic. Rand destroyed Natrin's Barrow and almost killed Tam. What might he do next? The Maidens guarding Min, Surial and Lerian, note someone coming. Sarene Nemdahl enters with news that Cadsuane wants them. Alanna has disappeared.

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Cadsuane POV#

Corele says she felt no channeling when Alanna disappeared. Rafela Cindal and Bera Harkin are also there. Bera felt channeling, but not enough for a gateway. Alanna's belongings are gone leaving only an empty ink bottle. Nynaeve and Min arrive. There is an envelope that was sealed with red wax.[1] Cadsuane fears that agents of the Shadow could use her to find Rand. Bera brings tea and Cadsuane is shocked that it tastes good. Min turns and gasps and Surial and Lerian run down the hall. Min says that Rand has returned.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Another of Verin's mysterious letters?

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