ToM: An Unexpected Letter

Elayne POV#

Elayne, Birgitte and Dyelin discuss an outrageous proposal from Ellorien to free the prisoners.[1] Jarid Sarand is still loose. Melfane has warned Elayne not to tax herself. The Windfinders are asking after the land they were promised. Elayne thinks it is time to make her claim on Cairhien.

Norry knocks then enters. He has a report from Hark that Duhara in staying at The Greeting Hall and has been calling on Ellorien. She is Elaida's emissary.[2] Elayne and Dyelin reason that Duhara wanted to be seen. Her visits to Elayne's enemy are a warning. More mercenary bands keep arriving and Elayne wants to keep them for the Last Battle.

Norry reluctantly gives her a letter that might be important. It is Mat's second letter and she and Birgitte have a good laugh. Thom is safe with Mat but they wonder about Olver. They are a little concerned about the Band of the Red Hand and their loyalty. They most recently worked for the king of Murandy.[3] They wonder what he wants with bellfounders.[4] Dyelin is totally confused so they explain who Mat is.

Elayne wonders about Rand. He is still far to the west, probably Arad Doman, and is always full of cold anger. She wonders what will happen to Andor if Rand dies. It will be boxed between the Seanchan to the southwest, the remainders of Rand's empire to the southeast, possibly lead by someone like Darlin, and the Borderlanders to the north. She must hold Cairhien to protect both nations. She will set up a meeting with Sumeko and Alise to discuss Traveling and the future of the Kin.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Arymilla, Naean and Elenia
[#2] Timelines are a bit offset from the White Tower thread. Elaida has not yet fallen and Duhara's true allegiance is not yet known.
[#3] King Roedran
[#4] To manufacture Aludra's dragons, of course.

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