TGS: A Conversation with the Dragon

Nynaeve POV#

Back at the mansion, Rand and Min respond to Nynaeve's urgent summons. Kerb is tied up in Air. Rand is annoyed until Nynaeve tells him the story. Kerb was poisoning Milisair and poisoned the messenger as well. There is a block on his mind. Rand says it is Graendal's Compulsion and Nynaeve shivers as she remembers Moghedien. Rand questions the boy and imposes his will, but the boy cannot speak. Nynaeve's tea is suddenly spoiled and bitter. Rand coaches Nynaeve on removing the Compulsion. She does not want to, but no one else there, even Corele, could do it. After she is finished, Kerb is a bare shell of a mind. Rand questions him again and he whispers, "Natrin's Barrow" then dies. Nynaeve is angry that he could not be Healed. Rand is heartless. She tells Rand that his anger will destroy him and he agrees, shocking her. He tells her a story from Tam, that no one has ever climbed Dragonmount because, after reaching the top, they would be too exhausted to climb down and so die up there.[1] Rand only has to reach the Last Battle. He will die then so there does not need to be anything left of him to salvage. He can accept Nynaeve because she truly cares about him, unlike Cadsuane. Min has fallen asleep so he carries her back to his rooms. He tells Nynaeve that he will deal with the Seanchan first, then Graendal.

More Nynaeve POV

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This is a nice story, but in "reality" Dragonmount is probably more than four miles high so that the air is too thin to support normal human life for long. Rand experiences this in TGS,Ch50.

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