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Nynaeve POV#

It is early morning of the third day since Tarna Feir arrived. With Moghedien's help, Elayne and Nynaeve are trying to eavesdrop on the meetings in the Little Tower.[1] Moghedien does not sweat. She claims it comes from years of working with the One Power.[2] Elayne leaves to teach classes. Nynaeve has to copy notes for Delana and Janya then she has another lesson with Theodrin. Nynaeve is nervous about the reliability of the a'dam ever since Moghedien explained how to unravel a tied off shield.[3] Elayne warns her to be slow and careful copying for Delana; she is a perfectionist. After Elayne leaves, Moghedien seems to become more confident and starts trying to talk Nynaeve into leaving. Nynaeve realizes that Elayne left with the a'dam bracelet. She has no way to directly control Moghedien, hence her confidence. Moghedien mentions Semirhage citing what will happen if Nynaeve is caught. Nynaeve finally leaves in a panic.

In the hallway one of the other Accepted, Emara, cautions her to be fast and keep up for Janya. As Nynaeve goes out, she sees Gareth Bryne sitting in front of the Little Tower where he has been ever since Tarna Feir arrived. Everyone is nervous and there are all sorts of rumors circulating. Nynaeve wonders how Elaida learned of Salidar so quickly.[4] She finds Birgitte and Areina playing with some children. Areina learned that Nynaeve was not Aes Sedai when they arrived at Salidar and she now holds Nynaeve in disdain. She is jealous of Birgitte having any other friends. Seve and Jaril are nearly back to normal now. Nynaeve suddenly worries that they might disclose that Marigan is not their mother. After Areina leaves, Nynaeve asks Birgitte if she will help them leave. Nynaeve hopes Thom and Juilin will return in time to come with them. Birgitte suggests Uno but Nynaeve says no. Nynaeve then asks Birgitte to spy on the Little Tower but she refuses. She was caught spying on Aes Sedai once in Shaemal and she will never go through that again. Nicola then arrives and tells Nynaeve that Delana and Janya are waiting for her. Nicola accompanies Nynaeve then the Aes Sedai dismiss her. Delana and Janya actually want to quiz her some more about Rand. By the time they finish with her it is almost noon.

Going to Theodrin's house for her lesson, Nynaeve passes the Little Tower. The Aes Sedai have shielded it against eavesdropping with a ward woven of Fire and Air with touches of Water. She sneaks around back inside the ward to listen at a window. Tarna Feir is in the room with Sheriam, Anaiya, Beonin, Carlinya, Morvrin and Myrelle. The six Aes Sedai want more time to consider Elaida's proposal. Tarna leaves in anger. The six then talk about summoning the biddable child.[5] As Nynaeve stands up she sees Theodrin watching her. Theodrin pretends nothing happened. As they walk off to her lesson, Nynaeve cannot believe it.[6]

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Omni POV#

Neither of them sees a woman watching them from a second story window.[7]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Moghedien is probably helping less than they think.
[#2] A lie. (LoC,Ch39)
[#3] How Moghedien escaped in Tanchico. (TSR,Ch54)
[#4] We learn of possible candidates in KoD,Ch2 and TGS,Ch43.
[#5] Egwene.
[#6] No idea why Theodrin behaves this way.
[#7] She is not identified. It seems unlikely that this is Moghedien as context implies that the house used by Elayne and Nynaeve is single story.

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