TFoH: "The Fifth, I Give You"

Egwene POV#

Egwene rides Mist through Jangai Pass. The wide road through the pass was called the Silk Path. After four days they have reached the western end of the pass and are entering Cairhien. The Gaelin River runs a few miles to the north. Moiraine and Lan ride behind the second wagon in Kadere's train, the one carrying the twisted red doorway. Isendre, still wearing black, runs with the Maidens. Adelin, Maira of the Serai Tomanelle and the other Maidens who were guarding Rand's tent now carry dolls, apparently on orders from Amys and Bair.[1]

They are near the town of Selean. Couladin and the Shaido apparently killed or carried off everyone. Egwene joins Aviendha, Amys and thirty other Wise Ones following behind Rand. Mat and Natael are with them. Rand talks with the seven clan chiefs.[2] Stone Dog scouts report that Timolan and the Miagoma are following a day behind.

Rand tells the clan chiefs that they can take their fifth, but it must not include food. He will hang any man who disobeys. Rhuarc, Bael, Dhearic, Han and Jheran are not pleased, but they accept his orders. Aviendha is annoyed that Rand now carries the sword she gave him. Near tears, she begs Egwene to intercede for her with Amys, Bair and Melaine. She cannot bear staying in Rand's tent any more. Sorilea, Wise One of Shende Hold, overhears and joins the conversation. Melaine and Aeron, a Wise One of the Black Water Nakai, start to join as well, but Sorilea chases them off. Sorilea then chews out Egwene and Aviendha for even thinking about questioning a Wise One's orders. She is disappointed that Rand's "gift" of the jewels was not an interest gift. She plans to set up Aviendha with Feran, one of the Black Eyes. His greatfather is Sorilea's sister-son.

The Black Eyes have vowed to kill Couladin, another Seia Doon. Sorilea is pleased that Rand is showing the clan chiefs that he is in charge. After Sorilea leaves, Aviendha tells Egwene that Feran is interested in Enaila. Egwene thinks challenging Nynaeve was nothing compared to going against Sorilea. Egwene agrees to talk to the Wise Ones for Aviendha.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Their punishment from the Wise Ones for deserting their post when the Shadowspawn attacked.
[#2] Early printings cite six clan chiefs but this is being corrected. Bruan and Erim are the two clan chiefs not mentioned by name.

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