TFoH: Among the Wise Ones

Egwene POV#

Egwene is in her tent attempting to wash with soap she bought from Hadnan Kadere. She is angry because Bair refused to let them move into rooms in Rhuidean. A gai'shain, Cowinde, arrives and summons her to the Wise Ones. Before going, Egwene tries to have a conversation with Cowinde but the woman is unwilling to speak about herself. Egwene attributes Cowinde's bleak attitude to the bleakness.[1]

When proceeding to the sweat tent, Egwene remembers receiving segade blossoms from Aviendha.[2] The Wise Ones who are teaching Egwene to be a dreamwalker - Amys, Bair and Melaine - are already waiting. Aviendha and Moiraine are also present. Bair chides Egwene for being slow. Melaine tells Moiraine that the Aiel follow Rand, not the White Tower. Moiraine fears that when Rand takes the Aiel clans across the Dragonwall, he will cause the nations to unite against him. The Wise Ones do not agree. During the discussion, Egwene thinks of how the Wise Ones have feared the Aes Sedai and the White Tower, while Egwene believes that they are an equal match.[3] Moiraine leaves. Egwene ponders that Sorilea of the Jarra Chareen is even more strong-willed than Bair even though she can barely channel. She is Wise One of Shende Hold.

Egwene notices that Aviendha has been switched. She asks Bair about this, and the Wise One replies it had been done on Aviendha's request, because she lied twice that day and toh must be met.[4] The Wise Ones discuss some of the changes Rand has brought: the clan chiefs do not listen as well as they used to, Aiel going to the Tuatha'an because of the bleakness. The Wise Ones want Aviendha to sleep in Rand's room. Aviendha does not want to, but the Wise Ones put their foot down.

Amys interrogates Egwene on her progress in dreamwalking. She has not yet found Elayne's and Nynaeve's dreams and she had an embarrassing experience when she entered Rhuarc's. Amys instructs her to visit her dreams that night.

Melaine asks Amys and Bair to approach Dorindha. She wants to marry Dorindha's husband Bael. After the Wise Ones have left, Aviendha asks Egwene if a wetlander woman could accept a sister-wife.[5] When they leave the sweat tent, Bair is waiting for them. As a punishment they have to run fifty times round the camp. While running, Aviendha and Egwene talk about Rand, Elayne, Isendre, learning to use the One Power and ji'e'toh. Egwene asked Aviendha to look after Rand for Elayne at the Stone of Tear.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Cowinde is affected by the bleakness and refuses to give up the white robes of the gai'shain when her time is over. (LoC,Ch15)
[#2] Aviendha's second lie. She told Egwene she picked the flowers for her, but it was Rand who had picked them for Aviendha. (TFoH,Ch4)
[#3] Rand places the Aes Sedai that swear fealty to him under the Wise Ones as apprentices. Prisoner Aes Sedai are treated as da'tsang by the Wise Ones. (ACoS,Ch2)
[#4] The first lie was to Rand when she said she hates him with all of her heart. The second lie was to Egwene about the flowers. (TFoH,Ch4)
[#5] Aviendha is in love with Rand but she has an obligation to Elayne.

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