TFoH: Twilight

Rand POV#

Adelin and the other Maidens escort Rand to the Roof of the Maidens. Except for gai'shain, Rand is the only man allowed under the Roof. Rand originally chose the building as his quarters, then the Maidens moved in and made it their Roof. Rand thinks how ironic it is that he can trust Asmodean more than Moiraine. Moiraine sees Rand as someone to use for the Tower's ends. Asmodean sees Rand as the branch to hold onto in a flood. Because of his shielding from the One Power, Asmodean must trust Rand for everything. Rand also thinks of the coming confrontation at Shayol Ghul.

Aviendha enters his bedroom, bringing more blankets. Rand notes that she is wearing a new necklace and wonders who gave it to her.[1] Aviendha has stayed away for ten days. Aviendha tells Rand that the Wise Ones, Amys, Bair and Melaine, are not happy that Rand has blocked his dreams from them. Rand and Aviendha argue about how the Wise Ones found out about the blocking. Aviendha insists that she is responsible for leading Rand to finding out that the Wise Ones had entered his dreams.

Despite their arguing, Rand finds that he has missed Aviendha. Aviendha gives Rand a belt buckle in the shape of a dragon, to cancel the debt between them.[2] Aviendha made the buckle from some of the weapons she gave up to become a Wise One. Aviendha was instructed by the Wise Ones to give items made from her weapons to three men and three women that she hated. She tells Rand that he is one of the men she hates.[3] Rand offers to ask the Wise Ones for another teacher. Aviendha refuses saying she has toh to Elayne to watch over him. Isendre enters bringing Rand some wine. She wears lots of jewelry and nothing else. Isendre works as a servant to the Maidens who force her to wear only the jewelry that she stole.[4] Aviendha treats Isendre with contempt calling her a sorda, a sly rat good for absolutely nothing. Rand knows that she and Kadere are Darkfriends, but he must protect them to keep Asmodean's secret. Rand killed a woman once[5] and knows that he can never kill a woman again.[6] Aviendha tells her to report to the Maidens and tell them what she did. Isendre leaves the wine and rushes out. After arguing again with Rand about Isendre, Aviendha leaves.

Rand goes to bed and sets the wards of Spirit to shield his dreams. He fingers the wound in his side thinking that it will eventually kill him. He thinks of the Prophecies of the Dragon that his blood will be on the rocks of Shayol Ghul. Shaking it off, Rand falls asleep and dreams of Elayne, Min and Aviendha.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] It is a gift from Egwene. (TFoH,Ch7)
[#2] The debt of the ivory bracelet he gave her. (TSR,Ch50)
[#3] The first lie that she will pay for. (TFoH,Ch5)
[#4] Most of the jewelry was actually planted by Lanfear to cause trouble for Isendre. (TSR,Ch58)
[#5] In TDR,Ch36.
[#6] And this will nearly cost him his life. (TFoH,Ch52)

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