TFoH: A Question of Crimson

Nynaeve POV#

Valan Luca's circus is camped a mile south of the Eldar River. Nynaeve serves as the target for Thom's knife throwing. Clarine made her a very daring dress. Luca is becoming enthralled with "Nana." Latelle's dress is much more conservative.

Elayne met with Egwene last night. She reported fighting in Cairhien between Cairhienin, brigands, Aiel and Andorans wanting the Sun Throne for Morgase.[1] Lan is involved in the fighting and that worries Nynaeve. She still cannot remember the name of the place where the Blue Ajah is gathering.

Luca plans to cross the river into Ghealdan tomorrow. The town on the other side is Samara. The Prophet is also in Samara. There are lots of Whitecloaks on this side of the river. Petra feeds the lions. She punched Brugh Chavana when he flirted with her. Aludra is mixing up some concoction. She offers Nynaeve some of her new "firesticks." At her wagon, Juilin catches her and reports that there are Whitecloaks in Samara. He recognized Galad from Sienda. She and Elayne share the same wagon that Thom purchased. Elayne is waiting in the wagon. Nynaeve has a black eye. Cerandin beat her up when Nynaeve got abusive. No one manhandled Nynaeve like that since she threw a bucket at Neysa Ayellin when she was sixteen. Petra finally broke up the fight after Latelle gave Cerandin a stick. They have the a'dam that Cerandin gave them. Elayne is excited because she has figured out how it works and she thinks she could make one. If so, she could make other ter'angreal and perhaps even angreal and sa'angreal. Nynaeve tells Elayne about Galad. Nynaeve wants to hire the first boat they can find and get away from the menagerie.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Rahvin's plan to expand his own territory.

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