TFoH: Birdcalls by Night

Mat POV#

Melindhra is massaging Mat's back in their tent. He thinks about his memories.[1] They range from Maecine of Eharon four hundred years before the Trolloc Wars until the time of Artur Hawkwing. He asks her again if she knows anything about the Daughter of the Nine Moons, but she does not. Melindhra chides Mat about standing in Rand's shadow. Mat should be honored on his own.[2]

Mat hears birdcalls. They are Rand's wards signaling attacks from north and south. The Shaarad are camped to the north and the Chareen are camped to the south. They both jump up to join the fight. Mat picks up the foxhead medallion on his way out. He figured out that it blocks channeling. There are Darkfriends with the Shadowspawn shouting, "Sammael and the Golden Bees." Mat kills three Trollocs and a Fade then suddenly the fighting is over. Mat is puzzled by the attack. There were far too few attackers to have any chance of success. Melindhra is duly impressed by Mat's fighting and they go back to their tent.

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Rand POV#

The birdcalls wake Rand immediately and he runs outside. Adelin and the other Maidens[3] have gone to join the fighting. Kadere and his drivers are hiding in their wagons. Rand turns and sees Aviendha walking toward a Draghkar. He balefires the Draghkar then she turns and shoots fire at him. He shouts at her in anger then sees another Draghkar burning behind him. Aviendha goes into the tent in a huff. Rand wonders why he did not sense the evil of the Draghkar.[4] Egwene, Amys, Bair and Melaine come to check on him. Egwene is angry with Rand for upsetting Aviendha and goes into the tent. Melaine goes to check on the Aiel camp and Amys and Bair make a bet on whether she will check on Bael or Dorindha first.

After they leave, Moiraine and Lan arrive. Rand asks why she did not come sooner but she will not explain.[5] Adelin and the Maidens return. They are abashed that they were duped into leaving Rand. They offer him their spears, but he is not sure what to do and sends them to the Wise Ones instead.[6] Rand goes to Asmodean's tent. Asmodean does not like Draghkar. He says they never should have made them. They have fewer brains than a Trolloc and are just as likely to attack the first person they see instead of their intended victim. They discuss the purpose and source of the attack. Asmodean thinks it was one of the other Forsaken trying to get Rand to go after Sammael. Rand says that Sammael tried to bait him the same way at Serendahar. Asmodean stares and Rand realizes that he was speaking as Lews Therin. He also remembers what Sammael looks like and that he wanted to be taller. After more discussion he returns to his tent where the Maidens give more advice on dealing with Egwene and Aviendha. He goes to bed and dreams of Aviendha and Sammael.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The Aelfinn and Eelfinn accumulated these memories over the centuries from previous visitors via the twisted red doorways and the Tower of Ghenjei. (Glimmers Q&A)
[#2] This very un-Aiel-like concern for power is the first hint that Melindhra is not exactly what she seems.
[#3] Maira and Enaila are two of the others. (TFoH,Ch23, TFoH,Ch30)
[#4] Probably they were warded like the Draghkar that attacked Moiraine in TGH,Ch22. This implies direct involvement of either the Black Ajah or one of the Forsaken.
[#5] This is curious and no explanation is ever given.
[#6] The Wise Ones choose an apt punishment. (TFoH,Ch23)

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