TFoH: Jangai Pass

Rand POV#

Rand rides Jeade'en as they enter the Jangai Pass through the Spine of the World. They have been traveling half a month.[1] Couladin was gone a week before they learned of it. Moiraine lectures him on politics. Kadere's wagons follow behind. Moiraine tells him not to trust any Aes Sedai except her, Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve. She also tells him that Elaida is now Amyrlin but she will not say how she knows.[2] There appear to be the remains of an ancient city high up on the mountain.[3]

They are approaching the first town, Taien. Mat rides Pips nearby and Lan is also near. Asmodean carries Rand's banner. Aviendha and Egwene are back with the Wise Ones. Rand can see bodies hanging from the town walls covered with ravens. It reminds him of Mar Ruois, a city where the people were burned alive during the Shadow War. Rand suppresses the thought, determined to keep his own identity. Lan spots someone in the rocks and in a few minutes three people appear. Tal Nethin is the town saddle maker. His sister Aril Corl is married to Ander Corl the boot maker. They tell Rand that Couladin and the Shaido came through six days ago.[4] They kidnapped some of the people who were not killed. There are about a hundred survivors. Aril Corl faints and Moiraine Heals her.

They wonder about Selean, the town at the other end of the Jangai Pass. Dhearic and Rhuarc appear with some of the Aiel, terrifying the townspeople. Dhearic brought the Reyn to Rand. Timolan and the Miagoma are just to the north and exchanging messages. The Codarra, Shiande and Daryne are following. Dhearic and Rhuarc are unconcerned about the townspeople's feelings. They are just treekillers. They are disgusted with what the Shaido did. They are shocked that they took non-Aiel as gai'shain. Adelin, Enaila, Jolien and Sulin approach. Sulin was the roofmistress of the Roof of the Maidens in Rhuidean and leads the Maidens who are with Rand. Rand has Dhearic send out his Water Seekers as scouts. The Aiel are killing the ravens because they might be Shadowspawn spies. Rand tells Rhuarc to treat the survivors well and bury the dead. They will take the survivors with them.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] So it is half a month since TFoH,Ch7.
[#2] She heard this from Egwene who learned it in Tel'aran'rhiod in the White Tower. (TFoH,Ch15)
[#3] Asmodean thinks it could be his original home of Shorelle. (TFoH,Ch21)
[#4] With Couladin having a week's head start and now being six days ahead, it seems that Robert Jordan is still using a seven day week.

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