LoC: Weaves of the Power

Mat POV#

Mat and his men are gambling in The Wandering Woman. There are outlanders from a variety of nations, Murandians, Sea Folk, Taraboner. Mat casually mentions the Daughter of the Nine Moons and a blue-eyed, narrow-faced man chokes.[1] Vanin reports that the girls have vanished from the Tarasin Palace again. Thom has no idea how. They have been there ten days. Setalle Anan is with a young, pretty woman with black eyes and black hair who wears a red belt.[2] Frielle, Anan's middle daughter, is trying to look after Olver. Nalesean has started Olver racing Wind. Mat goes upstairs to change clothes and Nerim chides him for not taking care of his clothes. Back downstairs, Mat and his men head for the Rahad to search for the girls.

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Elayne POV#

Elayne and Birgitte search the Rahad. They split up, Nynaeve and Aviendha going together, so they could cover more ground. Elayne is sure the building was six stories. Nynaeve thinks it was five.[3] The four of them are disguised with Illusion, a complicated weave of Air and Fire, so they look Ebou Dari. They also have their ability to channel masked by an even more complex weave of Spirit so they could walk right by Merilille without her noticing.

Vandene and Adeleas are also in the Rahad. They have been searching for eleven days. They witness a knife fight. A man named Baris mortally wounds the other fellow, Masic. A woman wearing a red belt comes over and tries to help Masic. To Elayne's surprise, the woman channels trying to Heal him, but he is too badly hurt. Her name is Asra. She is too weak in the One Power to have even made Accepted. After the woman walks off, Mat and Nalesean walk by and, of course, have no idea who they are. Birgitte thinks Mat is the more dangerous of the two, a N'Shar in Mameris.[4] They continue searching. Elayne hopes Egwene found a solution.[5]

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Egwene POV#

Egwene is talking with Logain in his tent. Six Aes Sedai shield him while two Warder stand guard outside. She asks him what he thinks about Rand's amnesty. He angrily replies that he wishes he were there. He has channeled for six years. She leaves and walks through the tents of the camp. They have been moving north through Altara for sixteen days. Bryne's camp surrounds the Aes Sedai camp. Talmanes keeps the Band of the Red Hand camp about ten miles away. The two armies are already serving part of her plan suggested by Siuan and Leane. Egwene is playing off the presence of the two armies to get the local nobles to swear fealty to her. After dinner, Egwene retires to her tent, sends Chesa away, and goes to sleep.

In Tel'aran'rhiod, Egwene meets Nynaeve and Elayne in the Little Tower. Nynaeve has the original twisted ring. Elayne uses one of her own making. They report that they still have not found the weather ter'angreal. Tylin has made them welcome and they claim that they are also making use of Mat. They tried using Need again but it does not work. Egwene met with Bair and Melaine a few days ago. They did not know what the problem was, as they never heard of anyone trying to use Need twice for the same thing. A motai is a tasty grub found in the Aiel Waste. Amys will not teach Egwene any more. Melaine is still so delighted over her pregnancy that she says Egwene has no toh to her for lying. Egwene tells Elayne that Rand is in Cairhien.[6] The Wise Ones are angry over the Aes Sedai; Sorilea thinks they deserve a beating. She also tells them that Perrin is in Cairhien and that he is married to Faile. Loial and Min are also there. Elayne asks Egwene to pass a message to Min through the Wise Ones, that she hopes Min will come to like Aviendha. Elayne leaves, then Nynaeve asks Egwene about Lan. Egwene knows nothing. They both leave.

When Egwene wakes, Siuan is there. Egwene confirms her order to arrange for Logain to escape. Too many, including Sheriam, Carlinya, Lelaine and Romanda, want him gentled. Delana wants him killed. She tells Siuan to make sure Logain does not hurt anyone in his escape.

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Myrelle POV#

Myrelle is in a clearing in the woods with her Warder, Nuhel, Croi Makin and Avar awaiting Lan. She felt his bond as soon as it transferred to her. Nisao is with her because she specializes in Healing the mind. Nisao is worried that they will be exiled if anyone finds out what they are doing. Lan arrives. Myrelle uses Spirit on the bond to force him to come to her.[7] She wonders how she can keep him alive long enough.[8]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] He is a Seanchan spy. (LoC,Epilogue)
[#2] She is never clearly identified and her description does not exactly match any of the others, but this is the first indication of Setalle's association with the Kin.
[#3] Elayne is right; Nynaeve is wrong. (ACoS,Ch38)
[#4] As usual, no idea what either is.
[#5] A solution to what?
[#6] Not any longer!
[#7] Moiraine arranged for her bond to Lan to pass to Myrelle if she died. (TGH,Ch22)
[#8] Long enough for what? To pass him to Nynaeve as she promised, or something else?

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