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Falion POV#

Falion[1] receives a note that Elayne and Nynaeve are gone from the Tarasin Palace. Falion, once a runaway novice, is under orders from Moghedien to find hidden angreal in Ebou Dar.

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Omni POV#

Herid Fel is in his study at the School of Cairhien.[2] The gholam enters and tears him limb from limb. Idrien finds the body.

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Seanchan POV#

A rider on horseback on a hill looks back at Ebou Dar. The rider is Seanchan and hopes the Ebou Dari will resist the return of the Seanchan. He thinks about Mat's comment he heard while playing dice in The Wandering Woman (LoC,Ch52) and thinks "Perhaps the Return would come soon, and the Daughter of the Nine Moons[3] with it. Surely that would be the greatest omen of victory."

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Moghedien POV#

Moghedien is in her tent. Halima enters and a light appears. Moghedien realizes it must somehow be saidin. Halima identifies herself as Aran'gar, removes the a'dam necklace and drops it in a bag. Aran'gar says "You will vanish as quickly and silently as Logain did." Moghedien is summoned to Shayol Ghul.[4]

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Egwene POV#

Egwene feels the necklace come off and the flash of pain that meant a man who could channel touched it.[5]

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Demandred POV#

In the Pit of Doom, Demandred says "Have I not done well, Great Lord?" and the Great Lord laughs. Shaidar Haran is there.

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"The unstained tower breaks and bends knee to the forgotten sign.
The seas rage, and stormclouds gather unseen.
Beyond the horizon, hidden fires swell, and serpents nestle in the bosom.
What was exacted is cast down; what was cast down is raised up.
Order burns to clear his path.

The Prophecies of the Dragon
translation by Jeorad Manyard
Governor of the Province of Andor for
the High King, Artur Paendrag Tanreall"

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Falion is Black Ajah and left the White Tower with Liandrin. (ACoS,Ch17)
[#2] Herid is researching Tarmon Gai'don and the seals for Rand. (LoC,Ch18)
[#3] Tuon
[#4] Moghedien will be put in a mindtrap by Shaidar Haran. (ACoS,Ch25)
[#5] Egwene is meeting with Siuan and Sheriam when she feels the necklace comes off. (ACoS,Ch8)

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