ACoS: Sealed to the Flame

Elaida POV#

It is very early morning. Elaida dreams that Rand kneels by her side while Sheriam, Lelaine, Romanda and Egwene plead for mercy. Alviarin wakes her. Covarla Baldene of the Red Ajah has returned from Cairhien with news of the battle seven days ago. Twelve out of thirty nine Aes Sedai[1] returned with Gawyn and the Younglings. Elaida meant for Galina to have him killed; the guards would not let any Younglings enter Tar Valon. Elaida orders all twelve to stay out of sight in the village Dorlan. Covarla leaves. Elaida learns there were hundreds of Asha'man; Toveine and her fifty Aes Sedai will be trapped. Rand and the Asha'man might even come to the White Tower for revenge.[2]

Alviarin takes over and tells her she will be deposed and stilled for the disasters if she does not obey. She orders Elaida to abandon Galina and Toveine and to order High Captain Chubain to increase the Tower Guard.[3] She also orders Elaida to search the rooms of Green Ajah members Josaine and Adelorna for stashed angreal and to give them severe punishment.[4] She is also to praise Doraise, Kiyoshi and Farellien of the Brown, Gray and Yellow Ajahs respectively and give them presents. Elaida agrees and Alviarin leaves. Elaida thinks of a way to get rid of Alviarin.

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Alviarin Freidhen POV#

She worries slightly that Elaida will find out she had all this information for days. Five different Ajahs gave her information about Cairhien and Mesaana told her about events at Dumai's Wells. She thinks Elaida will suffer Siuan's fate lacking a miracle such as the rebels appearing at the gates.[5]

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Seaine Herimon POV#

It is early the same morning when Elaida enters her room. Seaine is a Sitter for the White Ajah. All her family is dead, but she loved them. Not all Sitters were informed when the Hall met to raise Elaida. Of those not informed, all but Seaine left and joined the Salidar Aes Sedai. She stayed because she believes in the White Tower, not Elaida. She earned shawl the year Sereille Bagand was raised Amyrlin.

Elaida says someone helped Siuan escape and tells her to look for treason, keep the search extremely secret and tell no one. Elaida leaves. Seaine is puzzled that Elaida seems scared instead of mad. She concludes that Elaida meant her to look for the Black Ajah and is terrified herself.[6] She leaves her rooms thinking she cannot face this alone. Elaida's harsh actions this morning and rumors of Logain have increased tension between the Ajahs.

She meets Talene Minly of the Green Ajah who came to the Tower when Seaine was Accepted. They used to be friends, but now she is not positive. The Red Ajah is the largest. She gets directions from a Domani Red to the rooms of Pevara, a Sitter for the Red Ajah. They were close friends when they were novice and Accepted together. She is the only one Seaine can trust. Tesien Jorhald forced Pevara to give up their friendship after she joined the Red Ajah. They pulled pranks on Serancha of the Gray Ajah; Seaine was the planner, but Pevara was the audacious one. Seaine tells Pevara that Elaida wants her to hunt for Darkfriends, the Black Ajah, in the Tower. She trusts Pevara because her family[7] was killed by Darkfriends while she was a novice. Pevara asks her if she knows of events after the Aiel War. She says she has been sure the Black Ajah exists ever since then. The clear implication is that she thinks the Black Ajah was involved. Seaine thinks she means the two Amyrlins who died. Many sisters died during that time.[8] They decide to look over reports from last few months to look for lies. Pevara says she has known Darkfriends who killed their families to hide their activities.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Twenty-three captured by Rand's forces, three killed and Galina taken by the Shaido account for the rest. (LoC,Ch55, ACoS,Ch2) Lusonia Cole is second in command to Covarla (CoT,Prologue) and Vasha and Hattori are also with her. (TGS,Ch13)
[#2] Alviarin has known all this for days.
[#3] Per Mesaana's orders.
[#4] This will have exceptional impact on the Green Ajah because, as Alviarin knows, Adelorna is the Captain-General. (CoT,Prologue)
[#5] Foreshadowing events of Crossroads of Twilight.
[#6] It is not clear if Elaida really intended this or if she is simply a nervous wreck from the news and Alviarin.
[#7] Including her brother Georg. (CoT,Ch22)
[#8] See the discussion on the "vileness" in the FAQ, Section 2.4.11.

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